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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[Pann] Double standards on "lolita concepts"

Pann: IU vs Park Bogum

"Same concept but different reactions. IU got hate for it but Park Bogum got positive reactions. The double standards for male and female celebrities... it sucks."

1. [+103, -31] Wanna know what's funnier? IU said in an interview before that picture became controversial that she purposely smudged her lipstick to express the image of a cat ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and what's even funnier! is that IU got hate for her lolita pictorial but Red Velvet's pictorial was straight up named '21c Lolita' but no one ever mentioned it. If people hated on IU genuinely because lolita was the issue, then a lot of other girl groups should've been dragged with her.

2. [+91, -22] The double standards are real. IU gets hated to the point of people calling to exile her but a man doing the same concept gets comments like 'boyfriend type picture', 'attacking the hearts of women', etc. Such a hugely different response.

3. [+85, -23] What pisses me off even more is that even before the picture became controversial, IU said in an interview on October 20th, "There's a picture I took with my lips red for the Chatshire concept since Cheshire is always smiling like that. I wanted to express that and even give the feel of a cute Joker. The lipstick was meant to show that laughter isn't always just about happiness."

4. [+41, -14] People just wanted a reason to hate IU;;

5. [+39, -12] This too ㅋㅋㅋ IU herself said that the smudged lipstick was meant to represent Cheshire's ripped lips but everyone blamed her for lolita. Well where are all the lolita accusations when a male idol does it? Why do they never get controversies over it? Double standards, that's why.

6. [+34, -13] IU shouldn't be blamed for lolita concepts when all female idols incorporate bits of it into their concepts. Even male idols do shota concepts... anyone who hates IU for it looks dumb ㅋㅋ because I'm sure their own bias groups have done concepts like this as well

7. [+26, -11] Also in IU's original drawing, Zeze does not do the pin-up girl pose... that was later edited by the director.

8. [+24, -13] People just want to hate her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the double standards



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