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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jessie J shares 'Produce 101' cover of 'Bang Bang'

Article: [Exclusive] Jessie J mentions 'Produce 101'... producers say, "We are proud"

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+1,959, -30] The #1 dancer should've been given to a member of this group

2. [+1,569, -27] I honestly have this video on repeat because it's so goosebump inducing. I wish they'd release a full shot of the choreography later.

3. [+1,349, -30] Best stage of 'Produce 101' yet. So sad that they didn't get #1 because of the crappy voting system.

4. [+746, -35] Wow, great job to the Avengers team!! Everyone must be so happy ㅎㅎㅎ

5. [+251, -14] Chungha's the #1 dancer, #2 should've gone to this team too but it was Kim So Hye ㅎㅎㅎ such a joke

6. [+221, -8] This stage was the best. Somi's center force, Yoojung's wink, Chungha's power dance!

7. [+209, -10] I'm doubting the eyes of the audience who was on scene. Kim Chungha only got 70 votes, how? How does Kang Mina have more votes than Im Nayoung?

8. [+179, -8] Why is Mnet saying they're proud when it's the kids who achieved this on their own ㅋㅋ Jessie J would've never said anything if she was impressed by their effort, not yours



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  2. You mad cause you gets no pussy. Pussyless nerd.

  3. For anyone still annoyed with the comments system change, it's still disqus if you aren't on mobile

  4. Who gives a fuck? This performance was shit.

  5. There was plenty of injustice in the dance category. Nayoung and Siwon should've won over Mina, Pinky should've won over Sohye, Chungha received too few votes, and someone from the Bang Bang group should've gotten the 100,000 votes. Although I do agree with Yoojung and Soyeon winning in their respective groups.

    1. yeah agree..
      this is all bc of the numbers of members in one team..
      sohye got a big numbers of vote bc she's in a 3 members team..while bang-bang and growl team consist of 7 members..


      the divided numbers of vote is clearly unfair.. they should've make it a 4-5 members team for each group :(

  6. Reason why this team got low votes was bc since there are 7 members in this group, more points need to be divided and distributed which gives each members less points whereas sohye was in a 3 member group which divides more points per member which is really unfair if only they gave the same number of members per group

  7. I definitely was so glad sohye wasn't the number one dancer. Tbh I felt like someone from bang bang shouldve been number one or park soyeon or even one of the members of the say my name team. So i breathed a sigh of relief when mina won. Honestly it's only because of the screwy voting system that Chungha was 4th and sohye was first place after mina. Even pinky and chaeyeon did better than she did and they were all on the same level. Mnet divided the teams unfairly. Anyways I wonder if Jessie j actuslly understands what this show is about. If she did, she'd probably think it's child exploitation. And how did she find the video?