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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Idols begin to deviate from the traditional idol stereotype

Article: Traditional idols? No, completely different idols!

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

Article spotlights some idols who have deviated from the traditional idol sterotype like:

Mamamoo: strong vocals:
Twice: debuted through a survival show
Girlfriend: non-traditional idol song that's liked by all generations

Idols who aren't afraid to try other genres like Jonghyun and Zion T, Chen and Punch, Taeyeon and Crush, Xiumin and Jimin

Solos who are making a name for themselves like Taeyeon, Kyuhyun, Zico, and Taemin.


1. [+2,996, -56] First and foremost, having a good song changes everything

2. [+1,987, -237] Mamamoo is just... they sing according to their own style. Please release more good songs!!

3. [+1,096, -153] I feel like Taeyeon has more powerful influence on her own than with Soshi

4. [+167, -17] Aren't Girlfriend and Twice both your traditional idol groups?

5. [+129, -28] I don't think Girlfriend has what it takes to be a group that represents a generation. First of all, their music is nothing unique, it's a copy of SNSD's. They also don't have a unique voice to represent the group and not one visual member or a member who does well on varieties or even a good dancer. None of the members can write or compose music or make their own dances either.

6. [+42, -3] There are so many good idol singers nowadays ㅋㅋㅋ I used to put them down all the time until I found one that I've fallen for and listen to all the time ㅋㅋ

7. [+51, -7] I feel like the only idol groups who had truly unique concepts were Big Bang, f(x), SHINee, and 2NE1... I honestly don't find anything unique about Girlfriend, if anything Mamamoo is more unique...

8. [+50, -7] Idols these days are way more talented than in the past who relied more on lip syncing..

9. [+28, -2] Being an idol is a hard job... schedules pile the more your popularity goes up, you also get more hateful comments, you have to be careful with every word and action... it's a hard job in general but idols are always being criticized for being bad singers or bad dancers but I think the time they spend to get known by the public is deserving of applause!! Thank you for getting K-Pop known wide and large like this!

10. [+40, -9] How is the article saying that Girlfriend's song is a non-traditional idol song? It's your typical idol song, straight out of the nineties. It's actually Mamamoo who is non-traditional.

11. [+24, -5] I wouldn't call Girlfriend unique... there are a lot of girl groups with innocent concepts like them.

12. [+21, -4] Girlfriend's just another average idol... another name to add to the list of innocent concept groups

13. [+15, -2] Even traditional idols nowadays are good singers, just watch 'Mask Best Singer'.



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