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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hyosung makes solo comeback with 'Find Me' MV release

Article: Jun Hyosung's classy version of sexiness... 'Find Me'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+484, -14] Anyway, I wonder what the other SECRET members are up to

2. [+356, -26] I wonder why TS keeps putting her out as a solo. The group has potential to do well if they put out more songs like 'Poison' or 'Magic'.

3. [+375, -64] 'Classy'??? I don't see anything classy about this

4. [+216, -44] Yeah... that's classy alright. She's grabbing her boobs together in the third cap... ㅡㅡ not really sure if this can be classified as 'classy'

5. [+121, -24] I wish Hyosung would go for the girl crush image instead of sexy stuff like this. Tomboy Hyosung is much better.

6. [+99, -10] Her teaser pictures looked so promising and everyone said she looked pretty and sexy in them without the need to expose much skin but the actual music video is the same thing as all her other concepts, showing off her chest..

7. [+68, -7] I like Hyosung with simpler concepts more than sexy stuff like this. And if you want to use the word 'classy', perhaps these aren't the best screencaps to show that off.

8. [+68, -13] She can target the male fans all she wants but she's an example of a celebrity who shows that your career will get no where if you don't have any female fans to support you

9. [+54, -10] This isn't classy at all ㅠㅠ

10. [+51, -9] That third cap... hmmm...

11. [+45, -9] What more can she do if not this?

12. [+32, -5] There's a cap of her grabbing her boobs together and the article has the audacity to call it classy

13. [+24, -3] Sexy concepts really are the rock bottom for female singers... there's no way out once you fall into the pit. You either go too hard and every concept afterwards isn't provocative enough so you bore people and it's hard to switch to something else like a lovely or innocent concept too.



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