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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

C's broker was the same broker featured in previous documentary about sponsors

Article: The sponsor broker involved in C's scandal was the same broker featured on 'The It Know' show

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+735, -13] As expected of the investigation team for the show to deliver

2. [+639, -13] Props to the show

3. [+588, -10] She makes thousands just spreading her legs, no wonder she doesn't want to do other jobs.

4. [+73, -2] I think we also shouldn't forget the original message that the show tried to tell us: that it doesn't matter who the names are and that the purpose of the show wasn't to out the celebrities involved but rather to inform everyone just how deep the roots of such activities run in the industry and that these issues should be cut at the roots so that celebrities and trainees don't have to be forced to choose.

5. [+63, -1] Damn, the show must have so much more information then since they got the actual list of sponsors and celebrities. It must be pandora's box.

6. [+58, -2] The broker said on the show that there were a few more singers in their twenties ㅎㅎ They're going to be found anyway so let us know now~

7. [+50, -1] I wonder how strong his sponsors are that he's allowed to run rampant like this

8. [+46, -1] I remember Kim Sarang was mentioned in a sponsor scandal a while ago too but all of her articles were taken down and then the next day there were a bunch of articles about her doing charity work instead ㅋㅋㅋ I remember thinking how obvious ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+45, -2] I knew I didn't think I should believe him when he said he was going to quit being a broker

10. [+29, -1] Why does Park Shi Hoo get his name all over the media but female celebrities are always kept anonymous?


Article: 'One Night' sponsor scandal C "Recently promoted actively"

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+299, -13] I'm honestly curious what she was thinking... she's so well known on TV and everything, did she have to go that far? She could've used her good looks and her body to just land a rich husband to marry instead...

2. [+199, -17] I know that they're using the initial C for her last name but wouldn't it be more accurate to use G?

3. [+115, -4] I'll back off.. so you can live... she turned out like the lyrics she sang...

4. [+47, -1] I still can't believe this is happening. She's not even some trainee who hasn't been able to debut in 10 years. She's a well known celebrity who's been a panelist on various shows. The house she showed on TV was quite luxurious looking too, so why??????? I don't even know why all the broadcasts are making it so blatant that it's her too.. are they using her as the sacrifice to hide the others involved too???

5. [+31, -1] Did her family go bankrupt or something? I don't get why she'd do something like that for 5 million won. She had activities, I'm sure she was bringing in an income... how do you not have 5 million won to spare to pay back debt..

6. [+15, -0] I'm starting to feel so disgusted with celebrities. I saw another article where a few other stars were mentioned but all of that was taken down. I guess G.NA really does have no powers helping her.

7. [+9, -1] I feel like someone of her status could've just landed a rich guy and lived an easy life... but now she's stuck with a prostitute image and I doubt she'll recover her celebrity career again. She should just come out and name all the others while she's at it.. but it feels like they're just using her as the bullet shield.


Article: 'One Night' female singer C caught prostituting overseas arrives for investigations completely dressed in black

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+113, -4] Everyone already knows anyway... she won't be able to show her face on TV again

2. [+87, -4] I wonder why she did it? She obviously knew that her career would be over the minute she was caught, right? ㅠㅠ

3. [+60, -0] If she needed money, she should've gone out and earned it... tsk tsk

4. [+22, -2] This is just the tip of the ice berg

5. [+16, -2] Her career's over now

6. [+8, -1] I can see the mindset behind it though... there's a chance of getting away with thousands if you don't get caught

7. [+4, -0] She was just unlucky and got caught. There's tons of other sponsors going on and I bet the media uses it as blackmail to get more money out of them.



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