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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Behind the scenes of Naeun and Chorong's new pictorial

Article: "We know sexy now" Son Naeun and Park Chorong show off their abs

Source: Naver

1. [+8,423, -192] What is up with their make up

2. [+8,262, -153] I'm sorry but the styling totally ruined these pretty girls. What's up with the boots that make their legs look short and why is Chorong wearing socks under her sandals? And their make up is so tacky

3. [+6,418, -130] I was horrified seeing Son Naeun's first couple pictures, whoever dressed her totally ruined her proportions. Is the coordi their anti? What's up with her hair and make up... so hopeless... that 80s style tacky make up, so weird

4. [+5,875, -126] Who did their make up...

5. [+4,185, -124] How can you do their make up like this? They already have pretty faces, they just need a bit

6. [+3,082, -55] Does their coordi honestly think those boots match those jeans? And what's up with the make up?

7. [+2,853, -73] Would've been better to shoot with their bare face instead of make up like this... ㅠㅠ

8. [+2,279, -57] I personally prefer innocent looks on them

9. [+2,079, -40] We have witnessed A Pink's anti at work

10. [+1,596, -50] Not feeling it... their make up, just everything ㅜㅜ they match cuter looks better... ㅜ



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