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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Actress Lee Da Hae weighs herself on 'Running Man'

Article: 'Running Man' Lee Da Hae reveals her weight "170 cm 50.6 kg"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+925, -22] Considering that she's wearing clothes and has her mic on and everything and only weighs 50 kg, she's really thin... please don't think all women need to weigh 40 kg to be considered thin

2. [+918, -19] Weighing only that much at that height is too thin..

3. [+732, -66] She's too thin, needs to at least be 60 kg ^^

4. [+51, -2] If she took everything off, she'd barely be 50 kg.. for 170 cm, that's super thin

5. [+39, -0] Even 55 kg would be too thin at that height. My friend's 172 and 54 and she's model thin. Amazing that Lee Da Hae is able to maintain this weight despite being over 30 years old.

6. [+36, -2] Shouldn't she be over 55 kg

7. [+36, -3] She looks thin even on first glance. I think female celebrities feel pressured to not go over 50 kg.. You have to be 48 kg whether you're 158 cm or 168 cm or even over 170 cm...

8. [+24, -0] I guess on a proper scale she'd be 48 kg though... so many celebrities are sticks..

9. [+24, -2] I wouldn't call this self management but rather self abuse. Such a tiring lifestyle of celebrities.. and it gets harder to maintain a weight like that the older you get.. amazing that she manages to!

10. [+23, -1] She's so famous for her body, can't believe she's only 50 kg! Now men know how thin that is, right? Men always think anyone over 50 kg is a pig ㅡㅡ



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