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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sulli releases more sneak peeks into her photoshoot with Rotta

Article: [SNS] Sulli, "I don't know when I'll get to release the rest but..."

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+6,170, -197] Why does Sulli take all her pictures like this lately? She used to be so cute back then...

2. [+5,562, -165] She shows how scary fans can be once they become your antis

3. [+3,995, -156] I bet all of f(x)'s fans have turned against her

4. [+3,705, -120] I wouldn't even care if she stayed quiet until her next project... never mind all that fuss she created with her leave, she's just been handling herself very poorly, and I'm saying this as someone who used to be her fan..

5. [+4,482, -1,055] I feel like kids like Sulli and IU who are dating much older boyfriends have some type of lolita tendency inside of them

6. [+967, -31] Why does she take her pictures with these facial expressions? These pictures make her look like the star of some Japanese porn

7. [+864, -24] Please stop taking pictures with Rotta

8. [+798, -17] Every time she uploads these pictures, she's always wearing tight shirts or see through material with close ups on her lips and stuff, it's weird;;;

9. [+817, -56] I honestly don't know what she's thinking taking pictures like this when she has a boyfriend old enough to be her dad. He's turning 40 soon and she's sitting here wearing a junior high school uniform..... aigoo... isn't she close with IU too? What is wrong with them....

10. [+648, -22] Nothing she can do anymore. Doesn't matter how loved they were, it's all over once the public turns against you. Just like T-ara and Yewon.

11. [+584, -24] Does she want to be a lolita...

12. [+492, -25] Rotta ㅋㅋ

13. [+475, -28] Honestly just looks like a lolita concept

14. [+423, -13] All of Rotta's works have this look to them...

15. [+421, -19] Sulli really seems to love these lolita type pictures... sigh

16. [+234, -14] Is she obsessed with some pedo concept lately, does she not realize that there's an extremely fine line between looking like a cute girl and crossing into lolita territory.

17. [+173, -13] I was so curious and looked up Rotta's other photography works and swore out loud when I saw them. He has all his models in perverted poses and expressions while wearing school uniforms. How has he not been arrested yet?

18. [+160, -12] Looking more and more like a Japanese AV star



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