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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Should idols be able to know how to read music?

Article: Increasing amount of singers who can't read music

Source: X Sports News via Daum

A music engineer shared, "The majority of idol groups get used to their songs by listening to a recording by a guide vocal instead of reading the music. I think they probably won't ever have to read music in their entire life."

Another big agency insider said, "These days idols prioritize looks and dance skills first. Their songs don't demand a high skill cap for vocals and post processing work can spruce up vocals anyway." When asked how idols sing live then, they replied, "There's a live MR version of their songs. Engineers will probably make it sound like they're off tune in some parts or in need of a breath. Stuff like that doesn't get caught when netizens remove MR from performances."


1. [+1,428, -32] They're not real singers so why would they need to be able to read music ^^ They're just dancers...

2. [+1,241, -15] There are a lot of idol groups that are better off being called dance teams

3. [+1,025, -13] Singing is a career that anyone and their moms can get easily. They can switch to acting if singing isn't for them and switch to variety if acting isn't for them either. And when all else fails, just open a restaurant under the name you've built up for yourself. The industry has such low standards for idols that people don't care about the quality of music anymore. Too many soulless songs.

4. [+257, -17] A singer not knowing how to read music is like a someone in literature not knowing how to read or write. Sure you can tell great stories without knowing how to read or write but you can't call it literature. A singer can hit all the high notes and sing a song pleasurable to the ears but being unable to read music means that they're not performing 'music'. Do these idols think that someone else is going to read their music for them and make guide recordings for them for the rest of their lives?

5. [+240, -3] Please don't call yourself a singer when you can't even sing an entire song on your own

6. [+205, -4] They're dancers, not singers

7. [+99, -2] Singers (x) Show girls (o)

8. [+83, -0] There are also a lot of composers who can't read music or know any music theory...

9. [+58, -0] These people are not singers but machines meant to make money

10. [+51, -2] Idols are nothing more than defect products whose talents aren't up to standards. How many can you actually call singers? They're just dancers and models whose performances are worth nothing more than those put on by show girls at night. It's embarrassing to real singers to even call them singers.



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