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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Seolhyun spends her lunar holiday in the jungle for 'Law of the Jungle'

Article: AOA Seolhyun, "Spending my lunar new year in the jungle, I'll work hard"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+5,910, -311] Can Seolhyun please start getting paid already. The media reported that she brought in an income of 6 billion won with her CFs but she still isn't getting paid? Isn't this the agency with that one male band that wasn't paid until 5 years after their debut? FNC is not a normal agency at all, just some selfish agency that only cares for its own profit.

2. [+3,978, -345] She should've gotten the holidays off...;;; she's working too hard

3. [+3,681, -323] Her agency is overworking her..

4. [+3,288, -219] Doesn't FNC think it's wrong to be overworking her like this without even giving her proper pay yet? I get that the rest of us are working for minimum wage and all but shouldn't Seolhyun be paid for at least her effort?

5. [+2,915, -184] Why didn't Han Sung Ho go with her, hmmm???? He should go experience how hard it is for his artists to be working like this too

6. [+407, -19] Doesn't matter how big FNC is getting when their mindset is still stuck in the past. They refuse to invest in their company because they want to keep their artists indebted to them. They're literally living off of the debt of their artists, tsk tsk. Didn't Han Sung Ho also sell his own company stock as soon as FNC got listed to fill his own pockets?

7. [+355, -27] They're sending her to the jungle amidst the Zika virus??

8. [+313, -29] Seolhyun's being super overworked, she's practically everywhere

9. [+242, -16] Once her company takes her share and she pays her taxes and parts of her debt off, she'll end up with nothing at the end of her income. Just leave the group and change agencies.

10. [+202, -19] FNC should at least be paying her properly before overworking her like this. She already looks so tired and yet they're sending her to the jungle now... not even a fan and I feel bad for her.



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