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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ryu Jun Yeol wins rookie award for 'Socialphobia'

Article: Ryu Jun Yeol wins rookie award... chokes up "I'm getting stronger"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,540, -197] He has certainly paid the taxes to fame this week ㅠㅠ I'll always be supporting you. Screw off, ilbe bugs.

2. [+1,435, -194] Just consider it a stroke of bad luck and an opportunity to get rid of all your bad wishes on your way to fame. The people who turned their backs on you were never meant to be with you until the end as real fans anyway.

3. [+1,283, -164] Ryu actor, just keep it up as you are now~ and take care of your health :)

4. [+109, -16] So many of his friends and co-stars have stepped up to defend him from his ilbe accusations. You can tell that he's a man who has lived a happy and full life to have so many friends stand up for him like that. Like he said in his award speech, I hope he gets even stronger and becomes an actor who consoles hearts!

5. [+93, -11] I like that he doesn't hope to become a famous actor or an actor who draws in millions of views in theaters but an actor who comforts hearts.

6. [+90, -15] I want to console him but he's such a strong, upright person on his own that I don't even know what I could say to him. If anything, he's been worrying about his fans and consoling them more through this ordeal than himself. With character like him, I know he'll be able to withstand any controversy that stands in his way.

7. [+72, -10] Like they say, the soil becomes firmer after it rains.

8. [+63, -6] Don't cry, you have nothing but happiness coming your way!!



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