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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nam Bora's reps pleas the public to believe her relationship has ended

Article: Nam Bora reps beg, "Suspicions about break up? Please believe us"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+893, -146] Honestly, it's not like she has fans or anything... or a hit drama to her name. She's just known by the public. Whether we believe you or not is our prerogative so you just do whatever you want to do.

2. [+855, -52] Well if she says she broke up, what else can we do but believe it ㅋㅋ just leave her alone

3. [+812, -315] Does she think we're idiots... just admit that you're still dating if you still are. You were caught in pictures on Valentine's Day along with tons of other proof pictures and then you think we'll believe it if you say you broke up the next morning? Such an idiotic way of handling this scandal.

4. [+72, -6] No need to beg, we don't care that much about you ㅋㅋ not like you're a top star, you're barely a B-list celebrity... people will forget about it in two days time ㅋㅋㅋ people have already moved on too..

5. [+61, -4] Just watch yourself... people will accept a break up but they won't accept being lied to.

6. [+54, -7] Is this really something to be begging us for??? Is she hiding something?? ㅋㅋ


Source: Naver

1. [+3,980, -282] Ah... what an awkward situation.. I think I know what she's going through, though. They probably did break up but decided to meet up once and got caught right then ㅋㅋ

2. [+2,043, -200] The entire situation is weird but... whatever, she'll be fine. There's always a 1% chance in everything, like breaking up the day after going on a date!!

3. [+1,563, -147] I heard that actresses get their pay cut by a tenth when they get into dating scandals. She probably had to break up with him considering how much family she has to put food on the table for.

4. [+645, -19] I still think the chaebol got yelled at by his mother and she flipped out over seeing the articles and handled it on her own. It happens a lot in dramas... and especially considering the timing of the scandal after all the sponsor buzz, tsk.

5. [+472, -26] Their relationship was probably like Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin from 'Secret Garden'... allowed to date but can't marry or go public.

6. [+470, -43] Well they dated for two years and unless the relationship somehow ended horribly, wouldn't you still keep in contact with each other? And maybe they decided to grab a bite to eat and happened to get spotted, no reason to accuse her of sponsors and all that. She's a hard working star who attended college taking the subway while other stars had private vans and would pull all nighters in the library. Can't judge her over a few instances. Her agency is handling this in a laughable manner but it's not Nam Bora's fault.

7. [+344, -17] Too big of a difference in household wealth... marriage is reality, things get more difficult. I'm sure the two love each other but it feels like the man's family is against her.



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