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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kyuhyun shows attitude to gagman Yang Se Hyung on 'Radio Star'?

Article: 'Radio Star' Kyuhyun controversy, "Disrespectful" vs "Revealed too much on broadcast"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

Radio star Yang Se Hyung and Kyuhyun had a bit of a back and forth on 'Radio Star' where viewers thought Kyuhyun was being disrespectful by continuing to fire back retorts instead of dropping the topic.

The argument was about when Kyuhyun had previously asked Yang Se Hyung to host his friend's wedding as a favor.

Yang Se Hyung: "I was supposed to be paid after the wedding but I thought I'd look dumb waiting around to receive it so I got in my car to leave. Right at the time, Kyuhyun and his friend were walking out with the money, but it wasn't even in an envelope and it looked like four bills of 50,000 won bills."

Kyuhyun: "It was actually 20 bills of 50,000 won bills. I was looking for an envelope but I saw hyung coming out so I just tried to give it to him as is. Yang Se Hyung then said that he'd rather I buy him something to drink next time because he felt weird taking it but I haven't been able to treat him yet."

Yang Se Hyung, "If I had known it was 2 million won of payment, I would've taken it even if he threw it on the floor and was holding it down with his feet. Kyuhyun agreed to buy me drinks at a nice place but he never contacted me for a year and he didn't know I was guesting until today."

Kyuhyun: "Hyung left an impression on me back then too. The wedding was at 5 pm but he came in almost late looking hungover and haggard."

Yang Se Hyung then gave up, saying, "I guess I've just become trash then."

Viewers later commented, "Kyuhyun should've asked for his bank account number to at least transfer the payment or prepared an envelope beforehand" and "They shouldn't have taken their ill feelings out on each other like that on broadcast."


1. [+583, -37] That was really disrespectful. I actually got goosebumps watching him act like that on 'Radio Star'. Please apologize to him, you disrespectful kid.

2. [+527, -27] He's the one who asked him for the favor and if he followed through with it, then he should've expressed his gratitude in a proper way. He promised to buy him drinks and hasn't a year later. He basically looked down on him. Ridiculous to think that he even has any right to be criticizing how his attitude was at the wedding as a host.

3. [+516, -27] I hope Kyuhyun gets the same kind of treatment back to him one day. Let's see how he feels then.

4. [+501, -24] Well it looks like Kyuhyun's true colors have been revealed. How is he going to weasel out of this one!!

5. [+460, -29] I was disappointed in Kyuhyun after watching him yesterday

6. [+251, -7] The whole thing could've been avoided if Kyuhyun just ended it by saying sorry but instead he had to drag it out by saying Yang Se Hyung looked hungover and how he looked haggard, why would he tack that on at the end?

7. [+242, -8] It remains fact that he tried to pay him without an envelope and then failed to properly compensate him a year past the favor. Instead of apologizing once it was brought up on broadcast, he tried to change the topic by bringing Yang Se Hyung down just to win him. Truly shows his true colors ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+221, -5] The fact that he promised to buy him drinks and never contacted him for a year just shows that he never cared to pay him for the favor to begin with... truly says a lot about his character.

9. [+222, -9] The only people defending this are his pathetic and stupid fangirls

10. [+195, -8] I was having fun watching the episode until this part and got extremely uncomfortable~ I even saw another article with tons of comments about it get taken down and another one put up. Please make proper amends instead!


Article: Evidence pictures of Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung's wedding in question revealed

Source: Asia Econ via Nate

1. [+898, -43] The whole controversy could've been avoided if Kyuhyun stopped it at "I didn't have time to find an envelope because I found Yang Se Hyung leaving as I took out the cash" and just gave that as an excuse but he kept firing back, making sure he got the last word no matter what... all of which shouldn't have been said at all.

2. [+897, -81] I just dislike Kyuhyun now... It's fine that he didn't want to back down or whatever but you could just see that he wasn't willing to go down on his own so he tried to bring Yang Se Hyung down with him

3. [+835, -73] From the situation, it doesn't look like they're very close... and Kyuhyun's just holding his power over him. I hope that kid gets a beating as a lesson in the army later.

4. [+161, -4] Even if Yang Se Hyung refused the money, if he promised to buy him drinks, then he should've bought him drinks immediately. Why would he expect Yang Se Hyung to call him to grovel for free drinks when he already did him a favor??? And of course Kyuhyun didn't want to lose so he just had to add that Yang Se Hyung came to the wedding hungover and without make up ㅋㅋ you can just tell what kind of personality he has with that ㅋㅋ a total calculating and overly sensitive style ㅋㅋ I used to think he was cool just from hearing his voice in his songs but this really drops his charms

5. [+152, -4] The fact that Kyuhyun told him to contact him whenever for drinks on him is stupid. Yang Se Hyung did him the favor, Kyuhyun should be the one taking him out for drinks.

6. [+144, -6] Shouldn't the groom have already prepared the money in an envelope for Kyuhyun to deliver!!! And Kyuhyun of course didn't want to back down so he had to say that Yang Se Hyung came hungover;;;; ㅋㅋㅋ is he trying to look down on him because he's a gagman? ㅠㅠ And he actually had the nerve to say, "I'll buy you drinks so contact me" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is he kidding? I used to like Kyuhyun but this just makes him seem whatever to me..

7. [+141, -10] This isn't the first time Kyuhyun has acted like this. I felt it other times even when he was with Super Junior. He'd be smiling but his eyes tell something different. And if he didn't have time to prepare an envelope, he should've just said, "Sunbae-nim, I know you're busy but please wait just a moment. I'll go put this money in an envelope for you." He could've even said, "I didn't have enough time to prepare an envelope for you so if you give me your bank account number, I'll wire it to you immediately." Why in the world would you add that he came hungover at the end of that too? Obviously it was a last minute favor for him so he had to come whether he was hungover or not.

8. [+127, -7] Doesn't seem like Kyuhyun-ssi views Yang Se Hyung-ssi as a senior

9. [+115, -3] Wow, so articles can be taken down... I just saw an article on the main page disappear off the rankings in an instant.

10. [+111, -4] If anything, it showed a bit of Kyuhyun's true colors yesterday. He should've just bought him drinks or something within a month of the wedding no matter how busy he was if someone did him a favor free of charge.


Article: 'Radio Star' Yang Se Hyung and Kyuhyun resolve a year of misunderstanding

Source: Mydaily via Daum

1. [+1,656, -25] They didn't resolve anything but rather Kyuhyun crossed a river that he can never recover from... Kyuhyun should've just said sorry and resolved it amicably but he made the situation cold by continuing to retort against him

2. [+1,614, -24] How was anything resolved? Everyone knows that you should have money for the host prepared beforehand. And he tried to pay him in straight up cash, not even in an envelope, and had the nerve to diss him afterwards. Yang Se Hyung was right, Kyuhyun was set on him making look like trash.

3. [+1,081, -112] Kyuhyun's true colors have finally been revealed. He doesn't even have any common sense, tsk tsk.

4. [+740, -11] I'm not anyone's fan but after watching the broadcast, I think Kyuhyun took things too far. Having an envelope prepared is a sign of respect towards the person you're paying. Just giving him a wad of cash is not right at all. He should've been extremely apologetic but instead he fired back by criticizing how he looked at the wedding... I felt apologetic and embarrassed on his behalf.

5. [+689, -10] Kyuhyun's a trash of a person, it seems. Envelopes can be found anywhere at a wedding, how can you even think to pay someone in just a wad of cash? I'd feel pissed too and would refuse the money.

6. [+610, -8] Kyuhyun's true colors... what a bad guy.

7. [+583, -6] Really disappointed in Kyuhyun~ and I feel like the producers should've edited all of this out too but they purposely left it in

8. [+550, -6] This is probably just the tip of the iceberg, but his true colors have finally been revealed to everyone

9. [+526, -17] SM needs to be like JYP and start taking care of character education. SM kids have poor mentalities.

10. [+458, -4] As if Kyuhyun's attitude wasn't disrespectful already at the time of the incident but the way he handled it afterwards is even worse.



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