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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kyuhyun apologizes for Yang Se Hyung controversy on 'Radio Star'

Article: 'Radio Star' Kyuhyun responds to Yang Se Hyung controversy, "I apologize to the viewers... I'm embarrassed of myself"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+991, -97] The problem with the controversy was that Kyuhyun made it so obvious that once he was being attacked, he wanted to bring Yang Se Hyung down with him. The intention was written all over his face. He should've been responsible enough to have prepared an envelope with his pay beforehand, you can't just ask someone for a favor and then throw them a wad of cash just because you bumped into them on their way out. And there's a huge difference between four bills and 20 bills, Yang Se Hyung would've been blind to have miscounted that. The biggest problem is that Kyuhyun's boring... his facial expression turns rotten the minute any of his hyungs start attacking him.

2. [+906, -57] His problem was attacking Yang Se Hyung back after he realized that he had lost. Pictures of Yang Se Hyung at the wedding proved that he wasn't actually hungover like Kyuhyun claimed, he was actually looking clean and people who attended the wedding even put up posts saying that he was a good and funny host. This is entirely Kyuhyun's mistake.

3. [+784, -105] I swear, it doesn't matter what crap male idols say, they can get away with anything if they just apologize ㅋㅋㅋ and you're lucky if they even apologize because many don't even do that. Poor girl groups who always get hate for no reason ㅋ

4. [+99, -9] Kyuhyun's intentions were obvious. "You attacked me? I'll attack you right now." It wasn't a positive impression of him.

5. [+78, -6] Kangin, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, so many unlikable kids in Super Junior ㅎㅎ

6. [+77, -15] Goo Hara is still hated on to this day for rolling a water bottle on the show while Kyuhyun's stupid fangirls will probably hate Yang Se Hyung to the grave. Can't believe how many careers ended on this show. Goo Hara should be given a chance to clarify like Kyuhyun did too.


Source: Naver

1. [+4,902, -131] Good on him to apologize as fast as he could, there are so many other stars who ruined their careers by stalling on the apology..

2. [+4,372, -162] Reflect on what needs to be reflected

3. [+4,562, -245] Good to see him cleanly admit to his fault and apologize

4. [+3,593, -170] You can't turn back what you've already done so just reflect and make sure it doesn't happen again~

5. [+2,871, -201] Don't make a mistake like that again~ I like your song, be successful~


Source: Daum

1. [+1,215, -125] Shouldn't he be apologizing to Yang Se Hyung?

2. [+729, -91] The other MCs kept bringing up the talk about the envelope to give Kyuhyun a chance to apology and recover ㅋ He doesn't seem like a bad person on the inside so I hope he doesn't make a mistake like this again ^^

3. [+361, -84] As a viewer, I felt so uncomfortable the entire time I was watching. You could tell he looked down on Yang Se Hyung because he's a gagman. He barely reacted to what he said and smirked whenever he did..

4. [+294, -36] Make sure you apologize to him too. But it is good to see him react to viewers and apologize accordingly.

5. [+296, -72] He probably thought he could get away with it at first because he thought Yang Se Hyung was some b-list gagman...



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