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Friday, February 5, 2016

[Instiz] Photographer Rotta's latest controversial picture

#triptojapan #osaka #rotta #itookthis (hidden tag: #prettysmilegirl)

Instiz: Rotta's controversial picture

"I really wish he'd stop crossing the line."

".....? What's wrong with him?"

"And he calls himself an artist? He's really nothing but a perverted pedophile."

"He's crossed the line this time."

"I wouldn't care if someone else photographed a child but this person specifically... ㅋㅋ..."

"I wonder if the child in the photograph knows she was photographed this way..."

"How does he think this is okay under his own name Rotta? I hope that the child's parents find this picture and sue him."

"I feel bad for the baby..."

"I feel disgusted.. this is gross."

"Hul, I bet the parents would want to sue if they found out."

"Why would he take a picture of her...?"

"It's hard for me to pass this photograph as anything cute or normal considering the nature of this photographer..."

"Any other photographer would've made me think this picture was cute but not this guy."

"This photographer's just a straight up pedo.."

"I remember he got fired up and mad when someone asked him to release a photobook of his own daughter but he has no problem with other people's kids?"



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