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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hyunyoung shows off her hot pink hair

Article: 'The seduction of a pink princess' Jo Hyun Young shows off goddess-like beauty that even Alex fell for

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+301, -23] Her surgery still turned out pretty... if she was my girlfriend, I'd carry her on my back everywhere...

2. [+239, -98] Such a shame, why'd she become a plastic monster

3. [+192, -24] I'm pretty sure Alex fell for her chest, not her face

4. [+38, -4] She doesn't look that plastic monster-ish to me... she's perfectly pretty

5. [+19, -3] Wow, she got so much prettier. People can call her plastic all they want but all men care about is whether you're pretty or not. Nothing wrong with a celebrity taking care of her looks.

6. [+19, -4] Way prettier now. Not like idols don't work done nowadays, as long as they know when to stop. Just don't turn into Park Bom, Hyuna, or Luna.

7. [+17, -0] Her plastic surgery turned out nicely...

8. [+16, -9] All 7 of Rainbow are uniquely pretty. I hope their album works out this time!!

9. [+15, -6] I found her cheekbones to be the most charming part about her looks but she shaved em all off

10. [+10, -15] Why are people calling her plastic? Her nose is natural and I'm pretty sure she only got her eyes done.



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