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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chinese fans show their support for Hyomin's solo on Naver

Article: Gem in Jeju Island, Hyomin's album sketch pictures released!

Source: Naver

1. [+2,526, -416] ...? I mean, this is a Korean site, shouldn't at least one of the top 10 best replies be in Korean..?
- I was surprised at the comments... I know that T-ara is doing well in China but I never thought I'd read so much Chinese on Naver like this
- I'm sure T-ara knows there's no hope for them in Korea, wouldn't it be better if they just stayed in China
- Well at least there's this one comment ㅋㅋㅋ
- They're so hopeless, I wish all of the comments would go away
- We live in a global generation now after all, don't ostracize them
- Looks like the Chinese are doing some type of event for Hyomin. Can't stand Hyomin, can't stand her fans for taking over another country's comment board like this. They deserve each other.
- No wonder, I thought it was so weird that she had so many positive comments... I wonder how many people in Korea even like T-ara...?
- This is the problem with foreign fans, they have no idea why T-ara gets hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're just dumb fangirls who like what they see
- Wow~~ daebak, all the comments are Chinese
- I was wondering why an article like this had 2,000 comments... all because of the Chinese
- Isn't this cyber terror? Chinese people linking this article and coming in here in hoards to paste the same comment??
- Or maybe because Koreans hate T-ara so much that their company just hired a bunch of Chinese people to take over the article instead ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- I hope all you Chinese fans are buying their albums too ^^

2. [+1,665, -389] Why are all the comments in Chinese

3. [+152, -42]
我们不在巅峰时慕名而来,也不会在低谷时离你而去T-ara is the best in our heart♥hyomin is the best♛

4. [+58, -11] hyomin fighting!!!anti go die.刚刚看到一个傻逼棒子说韩流是韩国创造的,外国人应该无条件支持韩国人无论韩国人做了什么,什么傻逼脑残言论 真想给他一棒槌。。。。。。

5. [+183, -53] gogogogogogo 向前冲

6. [+144, -40] 全宝蓝,李居丽,朴素妍,含恩静,朴孝敏,朴智妍!一起走吧T-ara,歌谣界的变色龙,T-ara go!昔日荣光终将复辟 皇冠必将东山再起

7. [+102, -26] Fighting unnie!!! Queen's love you!

8. [+227, -68]

9. [+128, -35] 心疼anti你们这些废物永远只有被我们困死和老司机支配的命,,,孝敏加油solo大发

10. [+116, -31] 水调歌头-护我皇冠心皇冠本无罪,新罗万人黑。联名劝散,口水堪胜弥天祸。六女何所辜,及夜泪横流,无语问苍天。回首辉煌时,却羡百姓身。困死留,司机聚,众成城。新罗不待,中华自有公道在!真爱粉丝成,笑看众黑子,谁敢再出声!护我皇冠心,鬼神天下惊!

11. [+148, -42] 滴滴滴,老司机开车撞人辣!

12. [+112, -30] 音乐无国界!既然你们不喜欢她们,那我们中国的粉丝来守护她们,陪伴她们,呵护她们,陪伴在她们的身边。替她们遮挡一切的风雨,给她们一个蔚蓝的天空,让她们可以自由的飞翔。我们对她们的爱你们无法理解,也不会懂得!因为,你们不懂的珍惜!

13. [+103, -27] hyomin Fighting ! Don't lower the head to the crown will drop, don't cry because it is over bad people laugh。 T-ARA Fighting !孝敏加油!不要低头,皇冠会掉;不要流泪,坏人会笑!



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