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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

4minute, the ultimate girl crush concept?

Article: 4minute, the perfection of the global girl crush

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,236, -44] Cube, do your work tsk

2. [+985, -41] Their new song is so, so unique..

3. [+988, -56] The beginning of the song is great and the chorus is addictive but sticking them together in one song doesn't sound like a great fit

4. [+936, -105] I wish Cube had picked them a better song ㅜ please don't only push this intimidating, ssen image ㅜㅜ I want them to try an innocent concept too

5. [+786, -64] As a Hyuna fan, I looked forward to this comeback ㅠㅠ if only they were like other girl groups and had better hair styles, she would've looked like a goddess.. instead she has angled brows, red lips, and that hair style, what a shame

6. [+129, -18] The only issue with their new song is that people either hate it or love it

7. [+113, -13] It's annoying how Cube takes a concept that works and recycles it again for the next comeback which never ends up working out. 'What's Your Name' did fine until they recycled it for 'What's Your Name'... 'Crazy' was fine but now this comeback's a failed version of it. They should get their styling done by a professional. The comeback is a mess in terms of style.

8. [+114, -14] The song gets better the more you listen to it but I think that addictive feeling kicks in late which is probably why they're low on the charts

9. [+90, -6] I liked their songs like 'Volume Up', I wish they'd stop pushing this ssen image and focus on picking better songs to get better results ㅜ

10. [+77, -3] Their style makes me question whether their coordi and make up artists are their antis. They made them look worse. A shame because the members are all pretty enough with lighter make up and some better clothes.

11. [+86, -8] 4minute hit the peak in terms of mania fans with their 'Volume Up' concept. They sold 60,000 albums that time... 'Crazy' sold 17,000 copies. A lot of their mania fans left once they began working with Brave Brothers even though he helped them gain public recognition, but I'm thinking that was just momentary interest from the public who wasn't used to 4minute's new concept as girls who were openly hitting on you.  'What's Your Name' was a total flop in terms of public recognition even still. 4minute did do well with 'Crazy' all things considered though.

12. [+50, -4] Just fire the coordi team. What a waste of Hyuna's pretty face. The way their coordi is dressing her makes me hope that they don't renew their contracts with Cube.

13. [+71, -14] I thought "....?" at first but I keep listening to it now

14. [+37, -4] Welp, I like the song... *shrug*

15. [+28, -1] I seriously want to blow Cube up ㅠㅠㅠ not only do they release the song at noon on the first day students are back to school but they don't promote it at all either;;; I hate Cube... I hope Cube is listening to 'Hate' because I hate them!!!



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