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Thursday, January 28, 2016

TV: Is 'Cheese in the Trap' Yoo Jung really a bad guy?

Article: Who actually wants a romance with a 'bad guy'?

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+1,611, -25] There's a difference between being a bad guy and straight up trash

2. [+1,081, -28] I don't know if I'd call Yoo Jung a bad guy, though...
- Not a bad guy but a psycho?

3. [+738, -21] I like bad guys in dramas but not in real life

4. [+544, -10] I wouldn't call Yoo Jung a bad guy... I think of him more as a young kid who has trouble emotionally relating to others and grew up lacking a lot of love and attention in his life.
- Sounds like the description for a psychopath
- He's just a scary person
- People only defend Yoo Jung because as readers and viewers, they know his back story and his way of thinking... but if you were to randomly meet someone like him in real life, you'd think he was a bad person.
- Yup, he's a scary person.
- Yoo Jung is someone I'd be careful with in real life, but there's very little chance of meeting someone like him with his looks, his wealth, his talents, and his scariness. On top of that, he's a violent person. Women should always be cautious of men like him. Imagine if you wanted to break up with him, how do you know how he'd react? ㅋ

5. [+423, -18] I actually find the people around Yoo Jung more problematic than Yoo Jung himself. At least Yoo Jung doesn't bring harm to others for no reason. He just quietly pays back when he feels he's been wronged.

6. [+148, -6] I think the focus for Yoo Jung is that he only cares for a woman if she 'belongs to him'. Judging from the drama, Yoo Jung gave Young Gon an opening to approach Hong Seol and let Inha get away with sending those texts. He basically doesn't care about you and sees you as something to use if you don't belong to him. I'm curious as to what Seol will do about her relationship with him the more she finds out about these things. Regardless, he's definitely a different character from all the Cinderella stories we've been watching. Can't wait for next week.

7. [+88, -0] Yoo Jung is definitely cool but a scary person when he's not on your side. His personality is more or less understandable if you read more about how he grew up so I think people find him scary because the drama hasn't touched on that yet.

8. [+71, -3] There's a reason Yoo Jung is so cold and cruel to the people that he is and it's usually because they're freeloaders, criminals, people blinded by jealousy and who take it out on others, etc... Yoo Jung grew up with everything he could want so he fails to relate to them on any level and doesn't see them as equal people to himself. The reason he falls for Hong Seol is because her personality is similar to his and different from the rest.
- Doesn't change the fact that Yoo Jung tortured Hong Seol just because she saw through to his cold nature. He still did bad things to her before he developed feelings for her.

9. [+57, -1] Yoo Jung's only nice to people who are genuinely good people and live upstanding lives. Also to his girlfriend.

10. [+47, -2] I don't think Yoo Jung's bad or strange. It's the students on his campus who are all bad and strange.

11. [+39, -1] Anyone who's read the webtoon won't think that Yoo Jung is a bad guy

12. [+27, -0] Yoo Jung definitely has personality issues in the original webtoon but I think the drama fails to capture that. I find it so random and weird how other people are always calling Yoo Jung strange when he hasn't done anything, especially in that scene when he was fighting the pervert and the pervert kept saying Yoo Jung was the same dirty person he was... what? And I don't know why Seol would be put off by that either. Any man would beat another man who hit his girlfriend like that.



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