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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Park Jin Young named most influential producer at Weibo Awards

Article: Park Jin Young chosen as the most influential producer at 2015 Weibo Awards in China

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+378, -45] JYP always manages to come up big with that one shot... After seeing the success of Twice, I've put my trust back in JYP with girl groups..

2. [+248, -15] Producer, composer, singer, amazing in all aspects really

3. [+246, -27] Let's pull Twice and Day6 to the top

4. [+185, -14] It's hard to be as consistently popular as he is

5. [+131, -20] I hope he doesn't take Twice to America like he did with the Wonder Girls..

6. [+38, -3] Got7 has so much potential too though..

7. [+47, -10] JYP, please don't try any American advancement with Twice and just do as you are now so they can get to the top!!!!!

9. [+19, -3] I feel like JYP has finally cured themselves from the American advancement disease

10. [+22, -7] Whether you hate him or love him, he's still an amazing person for all he's achieved



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