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Saturday, January 9, 2016

[Pann] Who are the current top 3 girl groups?

Pann: Who are the current top 3 girl groups?

1. [+210, -43] Nowadays I'd say it's Soshi one top, and then A Pink, f(x), and A Pink behind them?

2. [+181, -25] Based on album and digital sales, I'd say Soshi, f(x), and A Pink..?

3. [+172, -32] I was thinking it'd be Soshi, A Pink, and SISTAR. Soshi for fandom and SISTAR for digital sales, then A Pink after... etc

4. [+86, -3] Soshi and A Pink have long running careers and f(x) feels like it's a group that should be included but they don't have that one big hit that cements that spot for them for me

5. [+74, -6] I don't know if there's another girl group up to Soshi's level...

6. [+62, -19] SNSD, Taetiseo, Taeyeon for real

7. [+50, -9] Twice;; ㅋㅋㅋ I don't think they belong on a list like this

8. [+50, -88] AOA, Soshi, A Pink

9. [+42, -4] SNSD and A Pink for sure

10. [+38, -3] I don't think there's a set top 3... Soshi's really just a wall and there's not really a group to come after them that you're like "for sure, them!"

11. [+32, -1] SNSD, A Pink, not sure about the next...

12. [+31, -86] SNSD, Twice, AOA

13. [+29, -1] Soshi >> wall >> A Pink > wall >

14. [+25, -2] I think the top 3 are SNSD, SISTAR, and A Pink. Everyone knows who they are if you mention their name. I've seen SISTAR get hate for their looks or popularity but they're the top when it comes to their songs being popular with the public. Soshi's daebak with digital sales and A Pink's songs are loved by both men and women..

15. [+23, -1] Soshi >>>>> A Pink, SISTAR, f(x) >> Girl's Day, AOA, Red Velvet >>> Girlfriend, Twice



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