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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Pann] Red Velvet's mysterious 'Dumb Dumb' Melon rank

Pann: Regarding Red Velvet's Melon rank

"They're normally rank 50-60 but whenever it hits 3 am, their song always goes up by exactly 20 ranks. It happened yesterday and it happened again today. Why only at 3 am? I think it's worthy to suspect them of something fishy at this point because Red Velvet doesn't have an official fancafe so it's not like their fans are setting time aside to stream the song.

Additionally, 'Dumb Dumb' was released last September and promos are obviously over so there doesn't seem to be any intentional reason this is happening... but the song has been jumping 20 ranks at 3 am for about a week now, and someone said that's 100% suspicious... I think it's pretty divided between people who see no reason for SM to manipulate a song that isn't being promoted anymore vs a song jumping ranks at a specific time is suspicious enough."

1. [+174, -13] But their promos are over and the annual chart has been released already, what would their reason be for manipulating a song that was released last year??? It's weird for sure though but I don't know if it's intentional or not. Maybe there's an issue with Melon's system??

2. [+156, -49] I agree, so what is the reason that the song is at rank 60 but jumps up 20 ranks every time it hits 3 am? Every single day without fail? It's not like their fans are streaming at that specific time or the entire country has suddenly decided together that "3 am is Dumb Dumb time!"

3. [+148, -57] A song ranking up at a specific time for a specific amount is 100% suspicious

4. [+108, -4] Even if the song is manipulated, what would be their motivation... annual charts are done, promos are done, they have nothing to gain from it..

5. [+93, -26] I found it suspicious as well... I thought Red Velvet was using some program because their song randomly jumped up in ranks and I noticed for a week that it goes up by 20 ranks at 3 am on the dot...

6. [+90, -4] It's hard to suspect 'Dumb Dumb' because promos have been over for months now and SM is a listed company so if they're caught doing anything like this, they'll be in such a mess.

7. [+85, -5] I've noticed songs like 'Eat', 'Don't be like this', 'Average Love' going up randomly at 4 am and coming back down at 5 am too so is that suspicious (I don't know about the 3 am chart)? Why are these other songs not being suspected? 'Yanghwa Daegyo' jumped up 18 ranks on the 5 am chart, isn't that suspicious? Why only target Red Velvet?

8. [+78, -7] SM's a listed company, they would never dare to do any sajaegi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if Red Velvet doesn't have a fancafe, they have a DC Gallery that sometimes streams the song all together. They may as well be Red Velvet's official fancafe.

9. [+55, -0] I don't really see a reason why SM would do anything like that..

10. [+39, -0] SM's a listed company, they wouldn't dare doing sajaegi because the consequences will be huge if they get caught

11. [+38, -0] It is pretty weird that they jump 20 ranks at 3 am on the dot every day... I honestly don't think SM's behind that so I wonder what's going on?

12. [+37, -3] They have nothing to gain from this though? 'Dumb Dumb' promos ended a long time ago, I'm sure they'd have better things to do than manipulate an old song, right?

13. [+33, -0] 'Dumb Dumb' promos are over though, what would be their motivation behind it...?



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