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Saturday, January 23, 2016

[Pann] More speculation on Hyunseung the night he missed his fan meet

Pann: So apparently all of Hyunseung's controversies were true?

Summarized, OP gathers some posts from other community sites that have gathered "evidence" of Hyunseung not really meeting his sister on the day he missed his fan meet.

The fan meet lasted from 7-9 pm on the 12th, 8 days before the actual death anniversary of his father, and spottings of him at the D. Bridge.

He clicked like on an Instagram photo at 8:20 pm and a spotting of him at a cafe was put up at 8:50 pm. The picture that people are claiming was his sister at the cafe with him was actually 38 weeks old, whereas pictures of him on the day of the fan meet were taken 16 weeks ago.

A woman also spotted him at D. Bridge with another woman and composer Rado around 10 pm.

The same night, Hyunseung followed a non-celebrity woman on Instagram, the same woman he was spotted with at the club.

The next day, the composer took a selca with Hyunseung at a cafe. Fans were able to find that two women were with them at the same cafe on the same day by the photos they uploaded on their Instagrams, one of them being the same woman he met the night prior.


1. [+261, -59] Not sure what he expects to do once he leaves the group... or does he not care because he's made enough money? He's pretty weak as a solo

2. [+247, -82] Fans have been keeping hush hush about it but rumors already say that he's not renewing his contract with the grup

3. [+170, -7] I'm a B2UTY who believes that B2ST should be 6 but I can't put down any fan who supports only 5 because I also hate the fact that Hyunseung is bringing down the team's image like this and refusing to give any feedback. B2ST has been famous for being good people and loving their fans and it pisses me off that they're in a controversy like this to begin with. B2UTIES already know that Hyunseung has been the scandalous member and some are just showing that by supporting only 5 now. It's not fair to call 5 supporters as non-fans because they're only doing this to protect the group the best way they can. I would also be a 5 fan if the group wasn't so adamant about being 6. Whether Hyunseung renews his contract or not, I'm going to follow what the rest of the members want and can only hope that the rest don't get hurt by this.

4. [+114, -8] Let's just admit it. Hyunseung has changed since his debut, it's true. Fans are disappointed and hurt by it, it's true. Isn't Hyunseung at fault here for even creating a controversy like this in the first place?

5. [+104, -16] It's not fair to excuse Hyunseung for missing the fan meet due to a 'personal schedule'. It's not like the other members don't have their own friends to meet up with.

6. [+99, -7] I've been a fan since their pre-debut and Jang Hyunseung has changed. It's been a while since he's half a$$ed his dances compared to the other members and generally not cared about their promos. It's the rest of you fans who've been choosing to remain blind and deaf to the issue. This is my proof that I've been a B2ST fan for a long time, the banner on the far right is from when B2ST was first debuted. Hyunseung is already being a nuisance to the company, everyone is scared that he's going to stop showing up to schedules. Cube won't do anything about it no matter how many e-mails all of you send about it.

7. [+83, -12] Hul, so he really didn't meet with his little sister

8. [+77, -3] What's the point of sending e-mails to Cube ㅋㅋ it's not the agency's problem but Hyunseung's problem. He was too busy hanging out with a woman even on the day of his fan meet, that's not something his agency can control

9. [+57, -66] How can you guys call yourselves fans? This is too far

10. [+56, -3] All of you B2UTIES who are hating the rest of us who only support 5, how about you try and retort the evidence above? All of the location and time spottings. You're just hating because you can't retort any of it. Do you think the rest of us 5 supporters are blindly telling Hyunseung to leave the group?! No, it's because we want to protect the rest of the members and the group!



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