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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Huh Gak's wife gives him 5 points out of 10 for household chores

Article: Huh Gak, "I hope people don't hate my children with 'Oh My Baby'"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,436, -138] I'm not understanding why he's going through with the TV show when he's worried about his kids getting hate

2. [+1,353, -95] So he's worried about his kids but still wants the money... pick one or the other

3. [+1,209, -102] Then don't come on the show

4. [+94, -6] I'm sure your ex-girlfriend would love seeing you on TV with your son. I get that you need to make money but if you know that your marriage was one that was scrutinized, just live quietly;

5. [+82, -4] I wonder what his ex-girlfriend must think watching him tsk


Article: 'Oh My Baby' Huh Gak's wife, "I give my husband 5 points out of 10 on taking care of the baby, he does it with his eyes"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+857, -61] I wonder why he's practically begging to be hated by being on this show? Does he want his son to grow up with a negative image?

2. [+762, -63] He should just stick to singing instead of asking for hate like this. Don't get so greedy for that money, you can lose it all really fast.

3. [+613, -41] He doesn't look like he'd be a good father anyway

4. [+117, -7] Other than Huh Gak's fans, everyone is his anti ㅋㅋ his rumors are so bad. He may be 90 points as a singer but 0 points as a person...

5. [+98, -26] The triplet's father also broke up with a girlfriend he dated for a really long time because his parents were against her and got married to the triplet's mother... why does he get support but Huh Gak get hate?

6. [+91, -12] His ex-girlfriend wasn't even a celebrity, just some woman that he forced to have her face shown all over the country. He talked as if he was going to marry her but after he got popular, he dumped her and got married to his current wife. After doing what he did to a woman who isn't even a celebrity, how can he dare go on a show like this? Look at the comments even now, people are still talking about his ex... poor her being dragged around into her ex-boyfriend's articles about being on a show about his children..

7. [+89, -48] You're not obligated to stay with someone just because they were with you through tough times. Kim Yong Joon was with Hwang Jung Eum when all she had was 48 cents in her bank account and she was a nugu but look at her now, she got huge and they broke up and she's getting married to a chaebol now.

8. [+87, -2] Looks like men are bad with household chores even if they marry their beloved first loves... for her to give him just 5 points on TV must mean he's even worse than that off camera.

9. [+85, -19] He dumped his ex for this woman?

10. [+80, -14] Well she deserves him no matter how bad he is at household chores. It's what they get for making his ex cry tears like that.



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