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Thursday, January 7, 2016

[Pann] Fans concerned with Hyunseung's attitude changes?

Instiz: Jang Hyunseung's attitude controversy

Organized in points of attitude issues and fan clarifications underneath it. You can find pictures and videos in the Instiz source under the numbered points.

1. He keeps skipping his parts or changing it (the same parts he's had since 2012) like ho! or actually changing the lyrics
- Hyunseung said so on radio that he likes to make live performances different since that's the joy of watching lives

2. He'll randomly stop following the choreography and break out into random dances on his own, making the other members look like backdancers
- He said so on TV that he has difficulty controlling his energy on stage because he gets so excited and into the music

3. On the contrary, during free dance parts of performances, he'll refuse to move for 1 minute with his hat covering his face
- This only happened at the Gocheok dome performance and it wasn't during a free dance part but a part during the performance when they were switching/walking to other parts of the stage, and it happened for less than a minute

4. He skipped a $1,600 fan meet to meet a woman (dongsaeng is only speculation)
- Cube already gave feedback that the fan meet itself wasn't $1,600 but a component of a tourist package and that Hyunseung had talked to them prior to the fan meet about having to miss out that day. His dongsaeng also uploaded on Instagram that he was indeed meeting with her.

5. Fans have been asking him for clarifications but all he does is press 'like' on Instagram
- No one can know whether he actually saw those fan comments asking for feedback when he was pressing 'like' on other Instagrams

6. That morning, he was up with Rado drinking with other women
- While it is true that he was with Rado, it is unfounded as to whether he was with other women as well

7. At B2ST's 6th anniversary broadcast, he picked a question and vented at fans by talking about his cafe scandal as the most memorable part of his 6 years and saying that he has a private life too. Members were taken off guard and tried to cover for him.
- If you watch the actual video, he doesn't sound like he's venting or angry at all. And while the members were taken aback, they just said, "I can see that~ I can see that"

8. Put up a Black Nut song and fans asked him why he would do that and he answered back to them that Black Nut is jjang
- He uploaded the song on the day of Black Nut's 'SMTM' battle with Song Minho. Other than calling his stage jjang, there's no instance of Hyunseung supporting any rebellious behavior.

9. B2ST had a V app stream to show them rehearsing for their concert but he played with his cellphone for the entire 5 minutes
- He played with his phone for 2 minutes, and the point of the stream anyway was to show them rehearsing for their concert and it looked like he was listening to music on his phone anyway.

10. Refused to talk during their comeback Starcast. A fan eventually asked him to say something for 30 seconds and he said it was too long and that he didn't want to. The other members asked him to at least say something and he said he would talk for 5 seconds and talked while counting down 5 seconds on his hand
- He never said he didn't want to, just that it'd be hard for him to. It's not like Hyunseung is the talkative type.

11. On a Japanese broadcast, the members were asked to draw something memorable to them and all he did was sign his autograph with a ^^ (with all the other members gave in addition to their drawings). When asked why, he said that it was because he can't draw (not like the other members can either but they still did it).
- It's true that he gave his autograph because he's bad at drawing and he still gave a meaningful response as to why he did that. It was because he really can't draw and the ^^ was there to symbolize how happy he was in 2015.

12. At a concert overseas, there was a brief moment to congratulate a member's birthday but he stood there with his arms crossed and did nothing. Didn't even sing along with the birthday song.
- In fancams, you can see him clapping along when the song starts while just staring in the middle and then clapping again once the song is over.

13. A member told everyone to stand in their choreography formation and everyone changed positions but Hyunseung stayed blocking the camera in the front to fix his hair.
- He was fixing his hair because the song hadn't come on yet. It was during their 'Shadow' days. He also didn't block the camera, he was actually standing next to Junhyung but looked forward to fix his hair once he realized the camera wasn't on yet.

14. B2ST has given new year greetings every year but Hyunseung refused to group up for the group photo. The other members were all separate but got together when the camera turned on.
- The picture wasn't supposed to be a group picture, the members were taking personal selcas and then decided to take one together without Hyunseung.

15. Fans asked him what was going on on his Instagram but all he did was 'like' a picture of a middle finger
- There's no proof that the 'like' was meant for his fans to see. He's always pressed like on pictures of songs and album covers, and the middle finger was also a new album cover.

16. He knows that his minor fans are watching his Instagram account and yet he still presses 'like' on pictures of women's breasts and follows sexy picture accounts
- Any Instagram users should know that you can accidentally like pictures when you're scrolling down. Hyunseung must've liked it on accident because he canceled his like right away.
- Also, the accounts aren't just nude pictures but photography accounts

17. He took a picture of himself driving while driving (illegal)
- Once again, we have no idea of telling of whether he recorded the picture while driving or while sitting in the back behind the driver. It is all speculation at this point.

18. During the group's interview in Australia, the agency said to not ask questions to Jang Hyunseung so he didn't say anything other than the greeting. While other members were talking, he was checking his tattoos and looking distracted.
- There is no proof that the agency told them not to ask him questions but even if they did and that was why he didn't talk, there's nothing wrong with that.
- Foreign fans also said that he looked like he was sick and didn't look well.


Source: Nate Pann

1. [+178, -60] I'm an official B2UTY, I can prove it if I need to. However, the majority of the fandom has been keeping these issues hush hush but I've been feeling that something's been off with him for a while now. Even at the airport, he walks separately from the other members and during the countdown recently, the manager asked him to take a picture with the group and he shook his head no and rejected it. At the Gocheok dome, he also stood there for 50 seconds doing nothing with his hat down. I wondered what was up with him... and when he does sing, it was like he purposely sang poorly like a pig being killed; He shouldn't be doing this to the other members. Even on V app when the other members are joking around on camera, he's sitting with his hat on and messing with his phone. The other members are forced to deal with his actions right now. There are way more than just this but I'll leave it here.
And honestly, B2UTIES keep saying that Hyunseung is very 'my way' in personality as a shield but the things he's done so far have nothing to do with his 'my way' personality. Don't be blind and deaf and try to shield what's obviously wrong.

2. [+147, -45] What more is there to say when a singer is singing weird on stage and showing attitude? And he's also following 6 Instagram accounts with nude photos, can someone please tell him how to make a private account ㅋㅋ

3. [+143, -3] I'm not a B2UTY but I honestly think he's in a slump. He's gone through a lot that's been emotionally draining for him and B2ST hasn't promoted in Korea for a long time too. If he's always overseas, maybe something happened that fans don't know about and that he couldn't tell them. ANd imagine always being on a plane for hours to perform at concerts overseas, do you think he's honestly satisfied with the performances he's been putting on under those conditions? He's known to be obsessed with training and practice... and maybe he's just unsatisfied with everything right now that it's starting to show on the outside which only makes him more unsatisfied with his stages, and so on and repeat. My own favorite singer went through his own slump and fans were wondering what was going on with him but I hope that B2UTIES can resolve this without more hardship like we did. I honestly don't think it's because of discord between the members but because of his slump and the members choosing to wait for him to overcome it.

4. [+65, -0] He's been known to not be a talkative member but I feel like it's gotten worse. I'm a fan and I've been feeling it too, and I don't think it's discord between the members either because the other members congratulated him on his birthday on SNS and stuff. I wouldn't worry about B2ST, as he also posted a picture of the fans' light sticks and hashtagged thanks. However, Hyunseung is at fault for letting all these little things turn into rumors and making his fans worry about them. He's 8 years into his career now, these controversies shouldn't be happening. He should be more careful with his actions. I just hope that B2ST remains a group we can see for a long time coming.

5. [+60, -3] I assure you it's not an issue of bullying. The other members aren't the types to bully anyone.

6. [+50, -1] I was watching Idol Made and MTV B2ST yesterday and cried because I missed Hyunseung from back then. I wish Hyunseung would say what was on his mind so that we can believe in him, just anything..

7. [+40, -0] It's honestly true that B2UTIES have been keeping extremely hush hush about all of this. If it was any other celebrity, their attitude controversies would be plastered everywhere but fans have been choosing to trust him and wait.

8. [+35, -11] I can prove that I'm an official B2UTY and even I admit that there's something going on with him. I don't know what's going on with him... and it's starting to bother me. I don't know why he'd act like he's not close with the members.

9. [+34, -0] I never thought that I'd ever have to worry about something like this as a B2ST fan but I wish Hyunseung would sit down for a serious talk with the other members or say something to us on SNS..

10. [+29, -1] I can't believe some fans are even telling him to leave the group over this. How can you call yourselves true fans? If he's looking like he's having a hard time, the point of a fan is to watch over him and help him find strength, not kick him out because you don't like the way his attitude looks on stage.



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