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Friday, January 22, 2016

On the Charts: Crush's 'Don't Forget' feat. Taeyeon

Article: Suzy x Baekhyun leaves but Crush x Taeyeon is here... with an 'all kill'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,171, -223] It's not Crush x Taeyeon, it's Crush feat. Taeyeon. It's not a collabo... let's make one thing clear.

2. [+1,486, -136] Let's learn to differentiate between duets and featurings, journalist-nim.

3. [+972, -156] Does Taeyeon not need breaks? I'm happy to hear her songs but I feel like she's being overworked.

4. [+485, -41] Honey vocals everywhere

5. [+385, -33] Crush on you~

6. [+140, -16] Heard that it's a fan song. The lyrics were really well written, I think everyone will find a way to relate to it. The melody feels very wintery too, warm and perfect with the vocal colors. Crush and Taeyeon are perfect.

7. [+162, -25] Crush is always enjoyable to listen to! Taeyeon had smaller parts but their voices meshed well together. Hopefully next time they can get a collab together instead of just a featuring.

8. [+142, -22] SM continues to work hard into 2016 too

9. [+187, -38] SM has so many singers with great vocal colors. I think showing them off one by one with collabs like this will definitely earn them all kills. Please stop wasting your own singer's talents by covering it in autotune...

10. [+157, -29] Great song, great combination of singers, the song keeps humming in my ears



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