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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lovelyz's 'Ah Choo' is a steady seller

Article: Lovelyz's 'Ah Choo', 4 reasons why it's a steady seller

Source: Oh My News via Naver

1. [+648, -35] Song wise, I liked 'Hello' better

2. [+553, -38] 'Ah Choo' might sound like your simple innocent cutesy song on the surface but if you really listen, it has complex chords and a lot more complicated elements than you would think. But of course their 'My Little TV' appearance is more behind its success than anything.

3. [+502, -48] The power of 'My Little TV'

4. [+256, -11] Yoonsang is amazing

5. [+351, -49] Lovelyz has been climbing back up the charts recently so it's good to see an article about it finally

6. [+114, -7] I don't know their other songs but I do find myself singing along with 'Ah Choo'

7. [+107, -6] It's a good song. I never knew because I never heard it when they were promoting it but I began liking it after hearing Kei sing it on 'My Little TV'. Yoonsang always delivers.

8. [+201, -41] Their follow-up song fell off the charts but 'Ah Choo' is still hanging on there, find strength

9. [+101, -8] Te song is oddly addicting!

10. [+56, -3] The song would be doing a lot better if the group was more known!



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