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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kai's fans donate 23 million won to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Article: Kai's fanclub donates 23 million won to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1,683, -56] Such a good deed!!

2. [+1,364, -61] Wow, that's such a good deed~ Kai has great fans ^^ he must be so proud of them. Happy birthday, Kai!

3. [+1,393, -113] Wow, the class of EXO-L

4. [+1,153, -73] Why am I so proud of them, really jjang

5. [+1,095, -57] Kai must feel so proud of them

6. [+223, -10] EXO's biggest fanbase are nuna fans in their twenties-thirties with financial power. They have a lot of teen fans but they're just the tip of the ice berg... it's because of their thick fanbase that they're able to sell as many albums as they do. Fans in their thirties stream more than the teens ㅎㅎ People want to believe that only teens like EXO but nuna fans make up four times more than the teen fans ㅋㅋ All those fans are the ones who set up EXO forests, bridges of hope in Vietnam, wells in Cambodia, and other charity work ㅋㅋ praise good deeds!!

7. [+207, -14] Please stop bringing up the parents of fans. EXO's biggest fanbase is made up of nuna fans in their twenties and they have the financial backing to handle all this without breaking their parent's back. Us nuna fans care more about our parents than you losers who leave hateful comments so please take care of your parents before worrying about ours, tsk tsk.

8. [+203, -18] Amazing EXO-L! Kim Jongin, don't get hurt and recover from your injury fast too!

9. [+182, -11] People love to put down fans by calling them stupid fangirls all the time but they do a lot more good deeds than the people who hate on them. It's just a minority of the younger fans who do immature things in the name of protecting their oppas but there are just as many fans who do good deeds like this. I even read an account on Twitter of a fan who met another fan who lost her wallet so she not only paid for her taxi home but gave her emergency money too. That fan didn't even leave contact information after her good deed. So before you hate fans blindly, ask yourself how many good deeds you did for your parents.

10. [+162, -9] So what if fans donated to the charity using allowance their parents gave them? It's still being put towards a good cause and obviously the fan is saving up her own allowance to be able to participate in such good deeds. Don't make fun of them saying they're wasting their parent's money when you don't even know anything. And a lot of people seem to think EXO only has teen fans but their nuna fans in their twenties-thirties are a lot bigger...



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