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Friday, January 29, 2016

How will SM's weekly song releases impact the music industry?

Article: Industry is 'nervous' over announcement of SM's weekly song releases... "Market will be taken away"

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+918, -47] It's going to be Weekly SM. I think Yoon Jong Shin would be feeling nervous.

2. [+889, -56] SM's experiment will be successful if their songs are good but if they continue to release weird songs, it's bound to fail.

3. [+701, -22] Is this another one of SM's tactics... release everything knowing that someone's bound to find something they like?

4. [+583, -28] I don't know how the industry has changed to this point...

5. [+733, -106] I don't know what's going on with SM right now. SM has never been strong digitally, their money making tactic has always been to draw fans in and make them wait in anticipation with their teasers until they can't take it anymore. The one thing SM's been doing right lately is putting out high quality albums for all of their artists but if SM intends to release a new song every week, then I think people are going to get sick of SM real fast because some of those songs only sold for being under the SM name and it'll hit their image in the long run.

6. [+96, -5] The industry really is becoming Weekly Idol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'd rather SM focus on quality and come out with a song every month instead of every week. Seems like SM is feeling backed up with all their trainees on top of artists who still need comebacks and are trying to put them all out as fast as possible.

7. [+79, -3] I wonder what SM's thinking, really... so SM staff are going to be working 365 days this year?

8. [+91, -8] This plan will only do one thing and it will be dropping the feeling of excitement to SM's releases along with song quality and the public is eventually going to get tired of SM. How much of the public is actually going to wait every week for a new SM song release in a world as busy as ours today? Not many...

9. [+111, -16] SM has never been strong digitally, it's always been SM with physical and YG with digital. Lee Soo Man, you're stretching yourself thin here... you're going to lose the physical title at this point too.

10. [+82, -8] As an SM fan, I've always been proud of the attention to detail and quality SM took from the point of production to the actual album release... I'm afraid that weekly releases are going to impact that level of quality.



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