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Monday, December 7, 2015

On the Charts: Zico

Article: Zico takes a triple #1 by beating out Psy, Reply 1988, and Christmas carols

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+492, -60] Please only release articles like this after your song has maintained its spot at #1 for at least a week.. or even just three days. Korea's digital music market is so tiny that even any nugu artist can rank #1 with a bit of promotion. Everyone gets #1 at least once because people are curious and will take a listen. Even Roy Kim was #1 yesterday... anyone who doesn't get #1 upon release is the true fool here. So many damn articles making a big deal out of what's essentially nothing.. agencies use it as a ploy to media play as if it's some big feat, no wonder sajaegi runs rampant with digital songs.

2. [+324, -39] With the way the article's written, anyone would think he beat out Christmas carols on Christmas week ㅋㅋ I admit he has music talent but it's pathetic how agencies and journalists will act like ranking #1 for a moment is a big deal on charts like Melon

3. [+279, -37] Let's see in a week if he's still #1

4. [+272, -36] Ranking #1 in a few hours isn't that big of a deal enough I admit but it's funny that people are accusing Block B of company power without knowing anything

5. [+247, -105] He should work on getting his character to #1 too..

6. [+48, -11] Brown Eyed Soul is releasing a new song on the 8th. Zico won't even last three days.

7. [+44, -12] People will listen to anything that's newly released because they're curious ㅋㅋ don't act like ranking #1 is any big feat ㅋㅋㅋ last at least a week before talking like that

8. [+38, -8] It hasn't even been that many hours since it was released and he's already hyping it up like this?

9. [+29, -5] Soshi was #1 for half a day, Psy for 6 days... at least wait a week before releasing articles like this. Media play like this will make me dislike Zico.


Article: Zico, "I'm copying G-Dragon? Makes no sense"

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

"G-Dragon and I have no overlaps at all when it comes to music genres so it makes no sense to say that I'm copying him. G-Dragon is a senior at a top position so I'm of course grateful to be compared to him but the paths that he and I are taking are so different. I like to think that it's my haters, not G-Dragon's fans, who make such accusations. I don't agree with them and their accusations aren't a concern of mine."

1. [+9,349, -3,756] He's less popular than GD but more talented for sure

2. [+8,038, -3,096] Zico is the better rapper, he's the idol one top

3. [+7,426, -3,058] Objectively speaking, Zico is better

4. [+6,566, -2,869] Zico is the top talent-wise ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+5,422, -2,909] He's a couple ranks above GD in terms of talent

6. [+1,220, -171] He's right though, Zico is Zico and GD is GD

7. [+1,104, -110] He is different from G-Dragon. There are genres in hop hop too and so much differs from rap style, voice tone, etc. Zico pushes for something different.

8. [+1,034, -321] Based on rap talent alone, Zico is better, even Big Bang fans admit that. But producing wise and other areas, GD is ahead.

9. [+732, -71] GD and Zico are both unique in their own ways



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