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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh My Girl reps reveal reason for detainment and claim unfair treatment

Article: Oh My Girl reps, "Misunderstood as working girls" official statement

Source: X Sports News via Naver

Reps revealed why they were denied which was basically because officers thought the girls were "working girls" (basically prostitutes) and when staff were asked their relationship to the girls, they said that they were 'sisters'.


1. [+2,024, -49] Their agency is so dumb...

2. [+1,644, -35] All the staff had to say was that they were staff and the girls were singers, why would you call them your sisters when you're not even related ㅋㅋ no wonder they were misunderstood

3. [+938, -29] Their parents must be so upset. How could you send them abroad without an interpreter? It's not like the staff are all fluent in English

4. [+895, -40] So it was the staff's problem??

5. [+578, -56] Whatever the case, they definitely got themselves tons of promotions with this. I was wondering who this girl group was because I kept seeing articles about them since last night but now I know who they are.

6. [+109, -2] Sister ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're not even sisters. Why would you send them without an interpreter like this? Why would you even send them with a staff that dumb?

7. [+103, -6] I'm surprised they actually admitted that they were misunderstood for being prostitutes

8. [+96, -4] Why in the world did they get a tourist visa when they're there as performers ㅋㅋ nobody over there cares whether you're being paid to perform or not, it's just obvious to customs that dozens of people carrying weird props and outfits in their luggage are obviously not there for tourism. It's unfair what happened but their agency handled this so poorly. I hope they know that the members and staff are not going to be able to enter America for the next 10 years at minimum now.. they're 90% on a blacklist. Their chances of going to America are over, tsk tsk.

9. [+98, -8] Really? The staff called themselves the group's sisters... they should know to be honest when they're being questioned like that.. that staff is a psycho.

10. [+75, -2] They couldn't have gone through all that because a staff said she was their 'sister'.. obviously someone else screwed up too.


Source: Nate

1. [+51, -4] So they went on a tourist visa but had staff who claimed they were 'sisters' and their luggage was full of weird outfits... even if I were an American customs officer, I'd suspect them too. There was nothing unfair about this, their agency was just dumb and unfit to deal with this better.

2. [+34, -2] What did their agency do to arouse this kind of misunderstanding?

3. [+19, -2] Proves how important a competent agency is;; no wonder all this happened when you have all those thoughtless things that happened..;; poor kids for having to deal with that


Source: Daum

1. [+233, -7] So this all happened because they didn't have a professional there with them to guide them through the process

2. [+204, -12] Of course they'll think it's suspicious if you're not even related yet you call yourself their sister..

3. [+173, -4] They were with staff who couldn't even speak English.. that's pathetic. How are they going to become a global girl group like this.. they'll be stuck being frogs in a pond.



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