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Monday, December 7, 2015

Minah's cute chubby cheeks

Article: Bang Minah 'looking chubbier'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Daum

1. [+333, -44] She looks cuter because she's chubbier

2. [+232, -27] It's because there's no comeback slated yet... once a comeback date is slated, she'll go back to her old self. So surprising how celebrities manage to do that all the time...

3. [+165, -19] She was an amazing singer as expected on 'Mask Best Singer'. I normally can't tell who it is when an idol sings on the show but I knew it was her the minute I heard her.

4. [+117, -7] That's considered chubby? Her face is normally quite round looking anyway, and the picture was taken from a lower angle.

5. [+90, -9] She looked just fine on 'Mask Best Singer' yesterday. Adorable how she looked when she was crying.

6. [+98, -18] I find her prettier with some more weight on her. Hopefully she promotes more. Fighting!

7. [+87, -7] I personally find her better now than when she lost weight... I hope she maintains this weight instead of losing it.

8. [+84, -9] She doesn't look chubbier~ Minah's always had a round, cute face. Way prettier than the ones who got plastic surgery to shave their jaws slim and pointy.

9. [+46, -4] So mean of the journalist to come out with articles like this right away just for a bit of weight gain just so she gets stressed about it... she looks just fine

10. [+30, -7] ㅋㅋㅋ She did gain weight ㅋㅋㅋ but it looks cute

11. [+22, -1] In a world full of plastic surgery monsters, she looks so pretty to me. So many people in the streets lately with fake eyes and noses, so unnatural... not pretty at all.

12. [+22, -2] She's on hiatus, let her eat. Starving all year long is going to make her faint.



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