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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lee Min Jung confirms casting for Rain's new drama

Article: Lee Min Jung the 'romcom queen' confirms casting for 'Come Back Ajusshi'

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,868, -91] Romcom queen??????

2. [+1,956, -60] Who is the romcom queen??

3. [+1,909, -58] Romcom queen? Does she even have a successful drama?

4. [+1,471, -48] I wouldn't say.. queen..

5. [+1,383, -42] She is not a romcom queen...

6. [+697, -22] I really don't like how all of the articles about Lee Min Jung call her a goddess or some type of queen. She's not at that status ㅋ

7. [+651, -15] To all of you asking why she is the romcom queen, it is because she is the wife or Romantic-ssi

8. [+428, -13] Her image has dropped considerably, she is no romcom queen


Source: Daum

1. [+840, -66] Going to make sure I avoid this drama. Both of the male and female leads have bottom level visuals with bad acting and poor images. What in the world were SBS and the producers thinking by casting them?

2. [+716, -39] I wonder if viewers will be able to concentrate on the drama? They'll be thinking of the army when they see Rain and Lee Byung Hun when they see Lee Min Jung

3. [+598, -45] She marries Lee Byung Hun and now works with Rain... how does she always get connected to all these people. I won't be watching this.

4. [+198, -7] Not feeling the leads

5. [+194, -5] Talk about an imbalanced male and female lead, it already smells boring

6. [+170, -4] Wait, this drama actually managed to land a broadcast time slot? With Lee Min Jung and Rain as the leads? Oh come on, don't fool around~ not unless the broadcast company is actually that crazy?

7. [+167, -8] Nope

8. [+141, -3] Maybe this drama's a test to see how far viewers will go out of their way to avoid it...



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