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Monday, December 14, 2015

Lee Guk Joo reveals a past picture before her 20 kg weight gain

Article: 'Healing Camp' Lee Guk Joo reveals unexpected picture before 20 kg weight gain

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+3,485, -221] So her face shape isn't like that because she's heavy, I guess it's always been like that

2. [+1,988, -184] I'm not trying to put her down but she looks the same before and after the weight gain, her face shape too

3. [+1,653, -111] I like that she's on 'I Live Alone'. She's funny and she shows what it's like living as a woman ㅋ The show has mostly been focused on male lives before

4. [+1,013, -146] The comments here are so mean

5. [+245, -19] Her heart seems warm though

6. [+192, -14] I always thought she was a happy person because of how much she laughs and smiles so it made me choke up to hear that she's actually been lonely. Don't forget that you have fans supporting you~ don't mind the hateful comments and just pass them by. Fighting!

7. [+142, -9] Whether she's fat or not, I find anyone who works hard at what they do to be beautiful

8. [+191, -30] She said so herself that there was never a moment where she wasn't overweight. Hong Hyun Hwa-ssi too has a mother who was a CF model but she herself has had to diet for every day of her life... people like to argue that people aren't born fat or thin but there are people who can diet so hard and still not lose weight while others eat all they want and not gain anything.. ㅠㅠ

9. [+123, -17] First time seeing a woman who looks better with weight gain

10. [+119, -17] I wish she wouldn't talk about her looks... it makes me sad reading the comments because people are so obsessed with looks

11. [+104, -15] She looks much more charming now!!!

12. [+52, -6] She looks better now all dolled up ㅋㅋ her style was a bit tacky in the past

12. [+64, -11] Lee Guk Joo-ssi, find strength and good work today ^^ Thank you for always making us laugh~~



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