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Monday, December 21, 2015

Kwanghee feels stressed out from trying to fit in on 'Infinity Challenge'

Article: 'Infinity Challenge' mental assessment results show Kwanghee is at risk for stress

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,902, -523] Honestly, it's not easy trying to fit in with a group of people who've been together for 10 years. He's doing fine on other shows, it's mean for people to tell him to leave just because he hasn't adjusted to the show yet.

2. [+1,417, -273] It's true that he's not funny but maybe he needs more time. How can you make up for 10 years so quickly... and it's not like he can just run in there and act however he wants considering the gap between him and the other hyungs.

3. [+1,252, -594] Yes, he's suffered a lot with all the stress so maybe he should take time off broadcast and relieve some stress. I'm just worried that he'll get sick... you know.

4. [+99, -65] I think Kwanghee should voluntarily leave the show. He doesn't help at all and should know to at least be a wallflower but he doesn't do that either. I change the channel when I see him.

5. [+87, -51] People are not getting the picture. Kwanghee's not an issue of adjusting to the show, his skills just aren't up to par with what the show requires. It's like taking an ajusshi from a small soccer club and putting him in a premier league. Just telling him to adjust isn't going to adjust him. There are some jobs that people aren't fit for no matter how hard they try. He's not good at music like Gil, he's a bad actor, does he think variety is his only niche? Infinity Challenge is a hard variety that is a combination of all variety shows including talk shows, acting, skits, music, road traveling, etc... how is Kwanghee going to adjust to this?

6. [+66, -23] No one asked him to join the show. Even his own fans told him to stay off of it but he got greedy and forced his way on and what has he been getting for the past few months? Nothing but complaints. He should be fired if he's not doing his part for the show.

7. [+63, -12] Why is he trying to appeal to emotions... everyone gets stressed at work, why should we have to deal with his lack of skill on a variety show just because he's stressed? That's not logical at all

8. [+43, -13] Please just leave the show

9. [+42, -35] I'm sure he's stressed.. he wants to be funny, he wants to live up to expectations, but it's not going the way he thought and people aren't letting him get off easy... sigh, you have my support!

10. [+40, -22] Kwanghee-ya, how about you enlist in the army and relieve some stress... please ^^

11. [+37, -15] Sometimes enlisting in the army can be good for you when you're feeling stressed out and lost

12. [+36, -18] Leave the show



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