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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dispatch compares the charms of "innocent long haired beauties" Seohyun and Seolhyun

Article: "Long haired goddesses"... Seolhyun vs Seohyun, innocent beauties

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+516, -98] At this point, I don't think it's Seolhyun's media play that's to blame but journalists purposely trying to stir up more hate for Seolhyun. Why would you write an article like this to pick fights...?

2. [+400, -94] Seohyun has a white, innocent image but a voluptuous body while Seolhyun has tanner skin with a femme fatale image. They both have great bodies but their personalities and images are complete opposites.

3. [+381, -57] Dispatch is back with the click baits tsk tsk

4. [+94, -51] Seolhyun by far

5. [+59, -37] How can you compare Seolhyun and Seohyun? Of course Seolhyun wins... I don't like Seohyun because she acts so upright and proper. I'm surprised she's even lasted in the industry with an attitude like that. We all know how dirty the industry is, don't act so prim and proper!

6. [+56, -29] 90% of men would probably go for Seolhyun... Seolhyun's the trend for sure, I guess.. You could ask any man right now to pick the prettiest female idol and the majority would go for Seolhyun, maybe Suzy if they're on the older end. Reality is that majority would go for Seolhyun still.

7. [+53, -38] Seolhyun wins

8. [+36, -28] Both have glamorous bodies but Seohyun's the type to keep it covered and likes to dress like a prim housewife while Seolhyun pushes her sexy image hard. They're completely different.

9. [+27, -8] You could ask 100 men on the streets and 90 of them will say Seolhyun's prettier.

10. [+27, -19] I like both

11. [+25, -8] I like both but I personally find Seolhyun prettier

12. [+22, -9] Men would naturally pick Seolhyun...

13. [+21, -12] Ugh, I hate how Seohyun acts all prim and proper

14. [+20, -5] Seriously, go ask 10 guys on the streets and 9 will pick Seolhyun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+17, -6] Seohyun looks like an ajumma compared to Seolhyun. 99 men out of 100 would pick Seolhyun unless they're into some unique tastes. Women would pick Seohyun because women always try to defend the less prettier one.



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