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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

4minute attends 'KOLSA 2015' awards

Article: Hyuna steals the spotlight with her appearance

Source: Sports Korea via Nate + Daum

1. [+192, -14] She looks way better with less make up

2. [+178, -54] She looks prettier with her bangs down... looks like she did at her peak during 'Ice Cream'. She looks better with her bangs down.

3. [+138, -9] She looked so clean and pretty when I saw her graduation photos before she started wearing all this thick make up. I don't know why she insists on hiding her pretty features behind it. I like her sexy concepts but it wouldn't hurt to bring out her innocent looks a bit more too.

4. [+129, -48] Oooh, pretty

5. [+19, -11] This is actually a rather simple look considering it's Hyuna, she should stick to styling herself like this, it looks good

6. [+13, -4] Not sure why people hail her as this sexy goddess when I find Seolhyun or Kyungri sexier

7. [+11, -7] She looks like she's in her thirties

8. [+10, -2] She's starting to look like her older self with her darker hair color and bushy bangs. Whatever she put in her face or if it's just weight gain, she'll look back to her peak self in no time once it settles in. I knew it was just her styling that made her look weird these days.


Article: Kwon Sohyun, 'chubbier looking beauty'

Source: TV Daily via Daum

1. [+136, -26] 100 times better than being stick skinny!

2. [+96, -26] She looks cute, like a cute hamster ^^

3. [+77, -24] Looks better with more weight on her

4. [+58, -17] She's so average looking.. how do kids like her end up celebrities?? She's not even that talented either..

5. [+40, -7] Her cheeks are so chubby chubby

6. [+42, -16] She looks cute~ looks better than the girls who are so unrealistically skinny! But lay off the late night snacks, don't gain any more weight than this!

7. [+31, -6] Botox...

8. [+28, -7] Thought she was 2NE1's Minzy for a second

9. [+12, -1] She was already chubby looking but it looks like she's a bit more swollen now



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