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Sunday, December 6, 2015

'2015 KBS Gayo Festival' reveals a promising line-up

Article: 'KBS Gayo Festival' promises a full line up of K-Pop powers and rising trends

Source: Joy News via Naver

1. [+360, -23] The Gocheok Sky Dome is the absolute worst place to use as a concert hall..

2. [+475, -187] Way~~~ better than the MAMA line up. Now that's what I call a festival.

3. [+268, -21] It's fine that they're holding it at the Gocheok Dome but I hope they make sure their audio system is good. Checking the line up now and it's not just idol groups on the list but vocal groups and solos too.

4. [+375, -139] Big Bang is missing from the line up as expected

5. [+165, -39] Isn't it usually held at the end of the month? It feels really early this year

6. [+96, -26] Let's not let this turn into MAMA by allowing artists who didn't even promote this year on to the show. I don't get why 2NE1 was on MAMA. I could understand Psy going on it to promote his new song.

7. [+104, -35] Way better than MAMA ㅋㅋ lots of girl groups and performers to watch

8. [+92, -32] An impressive line up unlike the MAMA ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ lots to watch ^^!!!!

9. [+111, -56] It's going to be better than MAMA which was basically divided up between those druggies... having to watch Park Druggie's group when they never even promoted this year was the absolute worst

10. [+67, -22] Public broadcast proves to be different. MAMA didn't even allow their trophy winners to perform on stage ㅋㅋ

11. [+63, -22] This is what I call a line up with lots to watch. MAMA was probably the worst this year.

12. [+70, -36] Better than MAMA

13. [+51, -19] I want to see EXID performing 'Me Gustas Tu'

14. [+31, -1] Just make sure the sound quality is amazing

15. [+40, -10] KBS is notorious for having the worst sound quality out of the three so I wonder how it'll be this year



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