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Friday, November 6, 2015

Seoul University's student body presidential candidate comes out as a lesbian

Article: Seoul University's student body president candidate 'comes out' "I'm a lesbian"

Source: JTBC via Nate [read English article here: Seoul Natl University student body presidential candidate comes out as lesbian]

1. [+838, -166] There's no reason that she should have to hide her sexuality but I'm not sure why she felt the need to reveal it when no one even asked??

2. [+685, -184] She puts herself at immense risk by coming out like this. Of course she's not coming out as a ploy to get elected. Our country is still not open when it comes to sexuality and she knows that this is going to follow her for the rest of her life now. I honestly think she's doing it out of a genuine desire to be truthful in wanting to work hard for her school... but again, all of this is however you want to interpret it.

3. [+515, -104] So what else is she running for? I don't really find her sexuality that important as a student body president

4. [+56, -18] She should be putting the focus on her pledges, why come out?

5. [+31, -25] Can I be honest?... She's ugly ㅠㅠ..

6. [+31, -9] A bit off topic but I'm actually shocked that so many people seem to think that lesbians choose to like women because men don't like them. It's different if you're bi but men don't even register as a possible lover in the minds of lesbians. Sure, someone might turn to women if they find it harder to date men but I've never seen that case... please broaden your understanding.

7. [+29, -39] She must not be popular with men, right?

8. [+25, -32] Judging by her looks, she looks like she wouldn't be popular with men. Is she trying to make herself feel better by claiming she's a lesbian?

9. [+25, -14] I think this is noise marketing, no more no less

10. [+21, -13] I hope she doesn't get elected

11. [+19, -9] Not sure what her being a lesbian has anything to do with the election. This is not something that should be addressed in her pledge.

12. [+14, -7] Why is she even revealing this???



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