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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"T-ara's little sister group" preparing for debut

Article: [Exclusive] T-ara to have a sister girl group... 'innocent + sexy' faces revealed

OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,512, -53] They would've left out the part about T-ara's little sister group in the title if they cared at all about good marketing

2. [+2,589, -43] Is their agency their anti;;;;; why would they call them T-ara's little sister group;;;;;;;;

3. [+1,971, -46] Name the girl group Determination ㅋㅋ

4. [+1,520, -60] Not expecting much from the little sisters of determination

5. [+94, -16] Kicking off their debut with antis already on their backs!

6. [+62, -1] Did they throw out 5dolls and Gang Kiz

7. [+58, -1] Just for being under that agency, they're starting off with antis

8. [+46, -1] No mention of 5dolls because they failed so hard, hahaha

9. [+58, -14] What do they hope to achieve by tagging T-ara on to them...

10. [+43, -3] They're pretty... but they should really leave out that part about T-ara's little sister group ㅋ



  1. He's been known to give "gifts" to the girls he has flirted with. Even in Lee Ji Yeon's case, LBH offered to pay her entire cell phone bill...

    " He gave Lee Ji Yeon wine, a cell phone, and 1,500,000 KRW (approximate $1,350 USD) in cell phone fees"

  2. The international fan does love Bom.. Yes, they does... But, only a few people, so don't generally said that the international fan does love them because that statement seem said that all of international fan love them ..

    Was I attacked you???
    you give your opinion about that statement, and I give my opinion which my opinion state that I was disagree with your opinion, it is just different opinion, where the part I was attacked you???

  3. LMJ when LBH leave the house

    LMJ when alone at home

    LMJ when LBH coming home

  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around (and so are others apparently) how you believe this man and Daesung have ANYTHING in common and you think you should be the one who gets all hurt and offended when someone calls you on it. There's something wrong with you or you're 10.

  5. your bf is not someone's else husband,no? the line is cheesy if its overused but once in a while it can be the right line for the right moment

  6. i thought he might have a magic p33n or something but turns out that he's just a cheesy senile old man with boatloads of money to attract younger girls. cliche.

  7. at least it wont be boring all year long. im expecting more scandals exposed from Dispatch.

  8. u gotta give it to the man. he's got game. he excites the target and shower them with $$$ and gifts. He mastered the art of push and pull beautifully. but sadly he uses them wrongly. shame

  9. I don't think he's senile, sad and thirsty, not senile. I'm just kind of surprised his game is so lame considering his rep. Makes me even more convinced that his reputation may be exaggerated. Maybe he was kinda hot when he was younger but now he has to beg for it. I don't's just really embarrassing. If you're going to be a womanizing cretin, own that shit! He just comes off, pathetic, like he forgot how to beat his own dick.

  10. Honestly he's more thirsty for her then she is for him from what I'm seeing >__>

  11. 😂😂😂
    lol believe me I'm not
    AFF has ruined my innocent soul

  12. you mean lee satan.

  13. Thank you so much, I've been wondering for a while and since I'm didn't read much on this situation I couldn't figure out why lol

  14. We both have different opinion. Problem solved.

  15. ofc you're right.
    but well, in this case, its take two to tango right?
    I bet that girl must be smile in evil bitchy way when she read that.

  16. Sorry bb but vocals don't matter in kpop. It doesn't matter if Amber can sing or not if her concept is a tom boyish rapper.