Industry reps rate SNSD's crisis level

Article: Is SNSD in a crisis? Industry reps, "A crisis they can't pass over"

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

On a scale of 1-10, industry reps were asked to rate SNSD's crisis level.

Director 'N' (7): "They disappointed a lot of fans by stepping away from the original image of idols."

Director 'L' (8): "An overall crisis."

Director 'R' (5): "Looks like a situation that can't be controlled."

CEO 'C' (3): "Dating has no effect on their performance."

CEO 'N' (2): "If they come back with another song like 'Gee', they can recover their past popularity."

CEO 'B' (5): "They seem to prioritize their individual private lives over the team."

Director 'L' (7): "Ever since their dating rumors, they've lost their mysterious imagine. I wonder if the public will still want to see them."


1. [+325, -14] They seem to want to blame their crisis on the dating rumors but they're only in a crisis because their song is bad.

2. [+263, -15] What's ultimately concluded from all of this... is that they've reached a limit where they can no longer call themselves 'girls'

3. [+234, -6] Rather than a crisis.... The most basic foundation for any girl/boy group, no matter how pretty or handsome, is having a good song... and activities like acting and varieties are built on top of that for popularity. What's unfortunate is that although the SNSD members individually have a lot of star potential and large fanbases, they don't have many hit tracks. To hit a long run, they need to make sure they're a hit as singers first...

4. [+42, -5] It's not their dating that's a problem but their songs. They're older now, dating is not a problem... what the problem is that SNSD has a name value and their songs aren't living up to it. They try to win based off of fan power, and it's a culmination of other issues like attitude controversies and dating rumors.

5. [+37, -0] The songs they've come out with would've been buried had it been any other girl group. They only won #1 for being SNSD. They've reached their limit...