Sam Hammington talks about the racism he experienced as an interracial couple

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Article: Sam Hamington "I've been discriminated against in Korea, almost got into a fight"

TV Daily via Nate

"I experienced a lot of racism when I first came to Korea. I was walking with my girlfriend in the subway and a grandpa came up to my girlfriend and swore at her for dating a foreigner. Another instance is when a man came up to me in Hongdae and tried to pick a fight. Fortunately, my friend came over and put an end to that."

1. [+834, -37] White and black people actually have it easier in Korea. I was on the bus sometime ago and a South East Asian man got up to share his seat with an ajumma who had a kid. Unfortunately, the high school kids sitting behind were making fun of him with sarcastic remarks... I was so angry because I think he understood Korean by the way he put his head down... Koreans seem to forget that we have a history of moving to other countries for work back in the '70s and '80s.. we have no right to put down foreign laborers. Fortunately, everyone on the bus came together and put the high schoolers in their place but we really need to work on respecting foreign laborers.

2. [+798, -213] I don't get why people swear at girls who date foreigners. They're all human beings and they're clearly dating each other because they love each other... Why accuse Korean girls of liking foreign men? ㅋㅋㅋ Why is that something to put down? Don't you men drool over foreign girls too if they're pretty? If a man dates a foreign girl, he's skilled, but if a girl dates a foreign man, it's something to put down? I don't think anyone who puts down girls dating foreign men have ever been in a relationship themselves.

3. [+400, -47] There is racism everywhere in the world. Not only racism, but discrimination of sex, age, nationality, wealth, everything...

4. [+21, -5] People who are racist are clearly stupid and can only think that far. I really hope racism is abolished.

5. [+15, -3] I feel bad for my aunt as well. She went on vacation overseas and fell in love with a nice man and got married and has kids now... She came to visit Korea with him and went out on a short date and people were swearing at her outright, calling her a sl*t for dating a foreigner. She got mad and yelled at them saying he's her husband and they just passed by, looking awkward. People need to be aware that there are interracial couples that truly love each other, don't hate on them all ㅠㅠ