f(x) and EXO's concert

Article: f(x) and EXO, can't get any more impressive than this... the concert of the trends

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,348, -81] Honestly, isn't SM not doing enough for f(x)? It's been four years and they still don't have a fanclub... and their first concert is a collab concert..;

2. [+1,389, -84] The visuals of both groups are amazing

3. [+1,054, -79] They were daebak today... ㅠㅠ f(x) is so pretty

4. [+779, -43] They all looked so cute in the previews

5. [+306, -21] Personally, SM really doesn't do enough for f(x)...

6. [+301, -40] What is SM doing. f(x) is already five years into their debut and they've never even had their own concert, instead they're lumped with EXO ㅋㅋ and yet there are still EXO fans complaining about the boys not getting their own concert... how about you be grateful for what you get;;;

7. [+243, -18] Why is SM so harsh to f(x)? They debuted so long ago and they turn their first concert into a collab with EXO? Isn't this going too far? They don't even have a fandom name

8. [+233, -28] I don't care about anything else, I demand that SM give f(x) their own concert. As someone who went to this collab concert, I'm really angry because it was basically an EXO concert with f(x) sprinkled on there.

8. [+218, -23] Don't care for EXO but f(x) is four years their senior, why are they holding a concert with a rookie?