Kim Heechul explains why he thinks SM's drama productions fail

Article: Kim Heechul reveals the reason SM fails at drama production "They only trust their own artists"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

"Our company always thinks, 'Our kids are the best. Our kids are the prettiest and most handsome so why would we bother using anyone else?'"

1. [+143, -2] Kim Heechul knows, viewers know, even the fans know the truth, so who's the one in SM that keeps pushing for it anyway?

2. [+90, -4] Realistically, SM shouldn't act....

3. [+86, -3] Exactly!

4. [+19, -2] I'm sure SM has some decent actors, it's just that their crappy ones have such a huge impact that anyone with the SM label makes me not want to watch them, ie Yeon Hee.

5. [+9, -1] It doesn't even have to be an SM produced drama, any drama with an SM actor always fails.

6. [+6, -1] We all know SM kids are the prettiest and most handsome, you don't have to show that in dramas, though ㅋ... The only ones worth watching are Siwon, Yoona, and Sulli... Please don't bring out Yunho, Minho, Jessica, Yuri, etc again.