The complicated views towards Crayon Pop's rise in popularity

Article: [Focus] "They are different, but"... The complicated view of Crayon Pop

MBN via Naver

In the waiting room of KBS's 'Music Bank' on the 26th, the singers are trying out Crayon Pop's dance. This addictive choreography has managed to capture not only their fans but their fellow singers as well. Some idols will even use it as their greeting, jumping up to say hi.

As of the 29th, Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar' is ranked 4th on Melon's real time chart, 5th on Olleh Music, 4th on Mnet, 2nd on Bugs, and 1st on Naver Music, overtaking B2ST. Considering the usual trend of songs starting at the top and dropping down, it's rare to see an advancement like Crayon Pop's in today's music industry.

One industry insider said, "Normally when a song is ranking this well, there should be a lot more buzz about it but the media and the industry itself are keeping their distance from Crayon Pop." The reason is none other than because of their 'Ilbe' controversy.

Crayon Pop has definitely managed to gain the attention of the music industry with their helmets and unique choreography but one cannot ignore the complicated views that exist towards the group.

Crayon Pop's digital single 'Bar Bar Bar' is on the rise in terms of popularity, attracting dozens of helmet wearing male fans at music programs who shout and dance along to their choreography. Even though it's been a month since the single's release, the song shows no signs of dropping from the charts.

Still, people are reluctant to mention Crayon Pop because of their company CEO's history of posting on Ilbe and the members using distorted terminology from the community board. Some believe the group is using Ilbe for noise marketing while others believe that the CEO is an actual member of the board.

Their CEO had to clarify, "It's true that I was on Ilbe but not everyone uses the board for the same intentions. I use it to gather information on concepts, timing, opinions, and reactions, not to cause a stir or controversies." Crayon Pop also added, "We don't know that site and just used a word we frequently use amongst ourselves."

Despite their clarifications, people are still cautious about being open with any type of interest in Crayon Pop. It's gotten to the point where searching Ilbe will bring up results like 'Ilbeyon Pop', making it difficult for fellow singers, fans, and the media to say outright that they like Crayon Pop.

One such instance happened with 10cm's Kwon Jung Yeol, who uploaded a photo with Crayon Pop on his Facebook with the post "I respect them". Netizens mentioned that Crayon Pop was an Ilbe group, which sparked another controversy. Kwon Jung Yeol replied, "Ah, I feel upset about the Ilbe controversy as well, which is why I deliberated a lot before uploading this picture." Despite his words, netizens continued their criticism until he deleted everything and posted, "I don't use Ilbe. I'm sorry for worrying you."

Still, netizens were relentless with their criticisms, making him leave yet another post on Facebook saying, "It seems I didn't think it through, as I was just excited at having discovered a team with a fun performance. Once again, I have never visited Ilbe, only heard of it. I hope that those who misunderstood me will read this post."

The instance is enough to show what the public thinks of Crayon Pop. There are, however, also voices of people who are calling this a witch hunt.

Despite it all, Crayon Pop continues to attract fans with their unique charms and climb the ladders of popularity, making the views towards them even more complicated. People will acknowledge girl groups with sexy or cute concepts but will go cold towards anyone connected to Ilbe controversies.


1. [+5,697, -401] If their next concept isn't shocking enough to make me fall backwards in my chair, their popularity will only be short lived.

2. [+4,604, -311] Okay, they did get popular but not because they sing or dance great... which means their popularity is only momentary and will end once the freshness wears off.

3. [+4,469, -484] How can this pathetic group be charting higher than Lee Seung Chul ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+4,064, -359] Their song's honestly stupid

5. [+3,229, -152] ㅋ I laugh every time I see them because they're just so ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+3,260, -237] I admit their concept is cute and different but... how long do you really expect that concept to work in the music industry

7. [+3,204, -277] They look like a Japanese girl group singing a children's song. Do not like.

8. [+2,837, -242] There are no true singers on music programs

9. [+2,227, -292] They've only been charting high on the charts after their ilbe controversy blew up which means they're riding on Ilbe's backs at the moment

10. [+1,750, -202] You'd think after seeing their stage so many times you'd get used to it but I burst out laughing every time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ