Suzy is the only idol to receive an A in acting (said no one ever)

Article: Idol acting attempts in the first half of 2013, only Suzy receives an A grade

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+3,288, -240] Suzy's really pretty but her acting is not good enough to receive an A yet...

2. [+3,113, -293] I think Jung Eunji deserves an A for 'That Winter'

3. [+2,507, -141] Uhh, who graded this?

4. [+2,262, -158] Let's just settle on idols never acting

5. [+2,294, -269] What a title;;; Gu Family Book didn't do well because of Suzy's popularity. The drama took off with Wol Ryung's popularity. The majority of the viewers didn't watch for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy but for Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa. Suzy's not horrible at acting but definitely not A grade;; I don't hate her but the title of this article is really asking for it

6. [+1,839, -191] Suzy's not talented but you have to admit she lucks out a lot

7. [+1,568, -46] The highlight of Jang Ok Jung is in the last episode when Han Seungyeon shows off her crappy acting... Pisses me off to this day.

8. [+1,290, -72] I feel like several idols did decently... Park Hyung Shik did well in Nine and Kikwang did well in that drama special. Suzy was a bit awkward in the beginning but she started improving towards the end. It's just that she isn't used to the tone historical dramas use in their speech. She's not great but definitely not worth all this hoo ha over bad acting..

9. [+1,118, -75] There is not one idol worth receiving any grade in acting... Suzy did well because the drama did well, not for her acting.

10. [+950, -49] I love Suzy but this is wrong. Just because a drama did well doesn't mean the actress is the one that pulled it off with an A grade.

11. [+974, -149] More like an F

12. [+734, -67] I don't think there's any idol who can live up to Jung Eunji in 'Reply'... Suzy's good but Jung Eunji was amazing and she followed up in that Jo In Sung drama too