[Pann] What really happened with Girl's Day jumping into the pool at their showcase

This has been all over several boards. It's an account of someone who was at the Girl's Day showcase explaining why the girls jumped into the pool because they were getting a lot of criticism for it (people calling them desperate, sl*tty, etc).


"I'm writing this up because I don't think it's right that they're getting all this hate over jumping into the pool, especially people saying that they're like Japanese idols... I went to the showcase because a friend landed tickets and there were a lot more journalists than fans there. It was only the first two rows that had fans.

It was super hot the day of the showcase. Fans were in the water and the journalists were under shade but Girl's Day performed right under the sun and lighting equipment for eight straight songs. By the second song, Sojin practically fainted back stage and Minah could barely stand on her own.

After their stages, the journalists asked questions and one of them asked what they would promise their fans if they won #1. The host asked the girls to do their promise early and do it by jumping into the water ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ridiculous. The girls obviously looked disstressed and Minah kept looking at the staff section, looking like she was asking her CEO what they should do. The girls were drenched in sweat and it was obvious that they just wanted to finish up and go home early but the CEO and the host forced the girls to go ahead with the promise anyway.

The girls looked shocked but they had to do it anyway. I felt really bad for them when Minah turned to the crowd and asked, 'Everyone, we'll really win #1 if we jump into the water, right?' ㅋㅋ...

They all went to the back of the stage to take off their heels and their outer stage outfits... Minah then went first and asked people to love Girl's Day and jumped in followed by the rest of the girls.

Fans of course swarmed in and started splashing them with water and pushing in to try to shake their hands. The girls were really nice about it and even tried wading towards their fans to shake their hands... but their make up was getting all smudged.

I guess the problem was that once they were done greeting their fans, the girls could not walk at all... They tried to get out of the pool but it was obvious they had no strength left in their bodies. Minah was practically crawling out of the water because her legs had no strength and Sojin had to be supported by her manager... Meanwhile fans and journalists were taking pictures of this, of course.

Judging by the pictures from the showcase alone, I can see why people would think they were desperate or trying to do erotic things to get attention but let me tell you that it wasn't like that at all..."