[Pann] G-Dragon's sister explains what happened with his sasaeng fans

Pann: GD's sasaengs go how far?

"This is my first time feeling scared about the road going home ㅜㅜ
Since three days ago,
I don't know how Jiyong's fans found out...
But they found out where we live and somehow managed to avoid the security guards to get through the front gate
They were standing right at the floor where we live
Yesterday morning, when Jiyong was coming home
They were hiding where we keep our hydrant near the front door
And came out right when he got in
Jiyong was so scared, he fell down
Today, when I was going home after work
I met the kids again at the basement parking lot
We had to get the security guards in the early morning
Mom woke up in the middle of her sleep
Aigoo, we're so grateful that he has fans that love him
But this is too much of a stress ㅜㅜ
It's too scary coming home now"

1. [+107, -1] I remember Jaejoong saying that a sasaeng fan sprayed her period blood all over his face. GD is suffering as well... How emotionally stressful this must be, especially since he has to understand them since they're kids that like him. This is too much, though...

2. [+91, -0] Sasaengs really need to wake up, what do they think they're doing?

3. [+81, -3] I feel bad for celebrities at times like this.. Feel so bad for GD;

4. [+17, -0] All of this sasaeng stuff reminds me... Back then, when TVXQ was still five, I lived in the same apartment as them. I'm sure their fans know which apartment I'm talking about. The security is known for being really strict and any visitors have to leave their social security cards at the front desk to get in. But even with all this security, their fans somehow made it in and they'd always be sitting around, waiting for TVXQ. When I walked past them to get home, they'd yell at you with all kinds of swears and throw drink cans, threatening me not to hit on their oppas.
Sasaengs would always be ringing the doorbells of neighbors and running away in the early morning when they were bored. One time, it got so bad I reported them to the police and somehow they found out it was me because they would stop me and say all sorts of swears on my way in. Another time, TVXQ had just gone in before me and the sasaengs were going crazy so I waited in my car for about 10 minutes because I knew I'd get my hair ripped out if I tried to make it in any earlier.
I remember riding the elevator with TVXQ and the only thing they would ever say is "We're sorry, we're sorry". They saw me get hit with a rock that their sasaeng threw and the entire elevator ride, they said nothing but "We're sorry, we're sorry". The next day, their manager came to me and apologized again with a present.
In the end, we ended up moving away because my mom was getting in her car when a sasaeng fan tried to squeeze in, begging for a ride. She said no but the sasaeng somehow ended up hitting herself on the car and she demanded to be compensated for her injuries. After that, my mom just had enough so we left.

5. [+17, -0] Being a celebrity looks flashy and all but there's so much more to it than meets the eye. What happened to Jaejoong with the period blood.... They basically stole his rights as a human being away. If my life was as difficult as GD or Jaejoong, I would've commit suicide by now... I remember what happened with EXO Jongin as well at the airport. Sasaeng fans need to be thrown in jail.