Former celebrity trainee reveals how much sexual favors cost

Article: Reality behind trainees being used for sexual favors revealed "$1,000 if you're a trainee from a big agency" shock

Newsen via Nate

Former celebrity trainee revealed, "I was a minor at the time but still received countless offers to go out and drink with (the higher officials). There are actual entertainment agencies who downgraded into becoming brokers to hook up trainees with sponsors."

A broker revealed, "We have the profiles of celebrity trainees, students majoring in the fine arts, miscellaneous works like home shopping stars, as well as trainees under bigt name agencies. It costs the sponsor $250 for one meet up with a trainee. If the trainee is young or from a bigger agency, the cost rises to the $800 to $1,000 USD range. Sponsors are asked to make appointments the day before and are required to be registered in the client list."

The episode airs on the 29th.

1. [+337, -22] Not much of a difference between a prostitute and a female celebrity

2. [+230, -30] Why act so surprised? Not like this is anything new. If any girl tells you that she's becoming a celebrity, you can pretty much bet she's prostituting herself out like this.

3. [+126, -6] I bet the trainees who actually give sexual favors are either a part of some nobody company or have no hope of actually making a debut. And when they say 'big agency', I'm betting it's a trainee that was cut from a big agency or quit because I'm having a hard time believing that a trainee in a top 3 agency would risk everything to do this. They're the ones that control the music market and the broadcast channels so they don't really need to suck up to anyone to raise their stars...

4. [+19, -6] I bet if they really wanted to investigate this, the question wouldn't be which star has done it but which star hasn't done it

5. [+16, -1] Reminds me of what Sayuri said. They're just selling their bodies for success if they're not being forced into it, tsk tsk

6. [+11, -3] I heard companies keep a set of real trainees and a set of trainees they use for sexual favors