Another student jumps to his death + Top 10 list of worst high schools in Korea

Article: Valedictorian of prestigious high school leaves a final KakaoTalk message before ending his own life...

Hankyeore via Naver

16 year old high school sophomore jumped off the 20th floor of his apartment to his death. The last message he sent his mom was, "My brain is shredding my heart and I can't take it anymore. Be well. I'm sorry."

Since December 2011, Daegu and the Kyungbuk region have had a total of 26 student suicides relating to school stress and school violence.

1. [+494, -36] It's only the kids that are dying as a consequence of our trashy educational system

2. [+458, -20] It's the quiet ones that are the scariest when they finally decide to act on something. It means that he held it in for that long. Although his parents took him hiking, I bet it wasn't to help him clear his head but to nag him even more about his grades.

3. [+383, -12] For whom do students study for... ㅠㅠ I hope he's able to be free in a place without studying

4. [+370, -8] I'm feeling goose bumps at his words... His brain is shredding his heart... Can't imagine the pressure he was under.

5. [+297, -11] Our country's educational system is set up so that nobody can be happy, whether you're the valedictorian or the student ranked in last place.


Next post is a bit random but I found it pretty interesting. It's a top 10 list of schools in Korea with the most iljins.


10. Joil Technical High School (Daegu)

The high school that has the students with the lowest grades in all of Daegu. School fights happen frequently, as the school is situated near a mountain. The mountain separates the school from Jungdong High School, making the mountain a prime spot for lethal school fights. Fortunately, the school has been showing improvement in grades since 2010.

9. Kyemyung High School (Suwon)

Students have the lowest grades in Suwon and has the biggest ratio of iljins to students. Students form into big groups and walk around in groups of dozens. Suwon citizens fear walking by the school for obvious reasons.

8. Shindongshin Industrial High School (Seoul)

Known as the school of horrors, which is further perpetuated by the factory-like building of the school. Has extreme school violence issues. Most famous for its students terrorizing the neighboring Kyungmoon High School and beating the students to a pulp for no apparent reason.

7. Ansan Industrial High School (Ansan)

Better known as E-Mart High School because the school is a part of a building that has E-Mart. Has the most female iljins out of all the schools in Korea.

6. Seogwipo Industrial High School (Jeju Island)

Students of the school are the most feared by the people living in Jeju. Most of the students are stronger than your average student because they grew up delivering orange boxes since the school building used to be used for agriculture. They have extremely violent personalities. The school was in the news for a famous case where 11 students beat up a fellow classmate for two years.

5. Yeji High School (Daejun)

Most known for its high population of adult mobsters who are back to school to obtain their diplomas. Despite the school having a uniform policy, students don't adhere to it.

4. Goyang Vocational High School (Ilsan)

Probably the school with the highest number of students who have tattoos. School has no rules against tattoos and nearly half of the male student body sports them. The school is located in a deserted area and boasts an extremely high percentage of iljins. Rare to find a 'jjinda', or a loser, among all the iljins because they simply can't survive.

3. Sungji High School (Seoul)

Known as one of the top 3 worst high schools in Korea. There are no rules against anything, and the school even has a separate smoking room for its students. Piercings, hair length, hair dye, tattoos are all allowed. School that probably started the Northface jacket fad (TN: Northface jackets are associated with iljins in Korea because they wear them so much). Also the alma mater of F.T. Island's Lee Hongki, pro gamer Lee Jedong, Choi Eun Jung, TEEN TOP's Chunji, and other famous figures.

2. Unbong Technical High School (Incheon)

The most representative when it comes to high schools with the biggest iljin population. In 2009, a video of one of the students getting into a fight heated up the online community. They have a separate 'transfer student killer', whose job is to beat up any and every transfer student who enrolls in the school. One of the schools with the most school violence/fights in the nation. Also the school of former F.T. Island's Oh Wonbin. Students are known for harrassing students of other neighboring schools for money.

1. Chungryang Information High School

The worst high school out of the top 3 worst high schools. The school is situated on a deserted alley way near a prostitution street so students pass by it day and night. Most legendary for a huge fight that started between their rival school where 20 of their rugby players fought against 20 Chungryang students and Chungryang still managed to beat them severely. Students are known for threatening neighboring college students out of their money and getting into fights with their own teachers.